I cut my hair

Oh yeah. I finally had the “time” to sit down and slowly type out about whatever I want to talk about.

First off, I finally cut my hair, it’s been a hell of a long time since I’ve had short hair. I mean, it’s not exactly short now. but it’s hell shorter than it used to. And I don’t really think I managed to get the “anime look” since my hair wasn’t long enough when I cut it.

So anyway, these few days had been rather fun I guess. But then I think I got a fever or something but I’m fine again. Life progresses damn fast and slow down like crazy for me. Oh well. Anyway before I continue thinking of whatever that I wanted to say. here’s a video

That’s really fast.

So anyway, I really have no idea what I’ve been busy about. That’s the mystery for me. Time just passes so frickin quickly!

Really looking forward to next month when I finally get my pocket money and start doing shit again. So well. Since I’ve missed out on so many posts. Here’s another video.

What a great advertisement.
However, for you people who ain’t observant enough, there’s a disclaimer at the bottom-right that says : Dramatization with actors

I really like the guy’s reaction though. He’s all like. “huh. oh okay”

Alright, hopefully I don’t get lazy about blogging again. Time to update orgasmically that has been stale for so long!

F1. My take on it.

My bro showed me this.


To do list


That’s how you set up a to-do list.

Alright I’m too lazy to post.

Stop staring at that phone


This is one of my most favourite advertisement. (America ad, for their phone company)

Too caught up with what I’m doing, gonna do a proper post later. Ciaos.

For some reason wordpress doesn’t allow me to embed videos from other websites. So.. too bad, click on the link.

Kuroshitsuji II

Finished two animes today.

Many many many thoughts in my head right now.

But it has a really good ending. I was right in falling in love with that anime. Well, maybe I’ll try to draw something out of boredom. But really. I’m in a “dazed” state right now.

For everything that starts will end someday.


Boredom is poison to eternal beings.

Surge of unpleasantness

Well. I guess that’s it.


Fuck it.

This is a trend.

You know, I really should be sleeping. Yet my mind’s running wild. Not in a weird way. But just thinking about a lot of random things.

A few thoughts which is “dang I knew it”

And a few which are “shit shouldn’t have done it”

But mostly “ah fuck it”

As quoted from a comedian,

What keeps us together isn’t love or shit like that, it’s the attitude of “fuck it”. You hate me?
“ah… fuck it”

So I guess I’ve finally got the right attitude towards life.Fuck it.

I realized that stand up comedies are funny because they point out little facts of life that we miss. All the stupid things we do. Making us feel stupid. That’s what comedians do. And they do a fabulous job at it. For life’s a big joke anyway.

Anyway, I’ve been writing up articles about paradox over at orgsamically. Check out and comment!

I realized that I’ve been going against some of my principles these days. That’s just stupid, they exist for a reason right? Okay I’m feeling a little. Restless. time to end this with a video.