Rather… uneventful

So anyway, before I start saying anything, I managed to take another rather awesome photo today. And again, I did not edit the picture, the colour is due to the tint in the window and maybe the sun of some sort.

29102010430(click on image for full resolution)

Love this image man.

Anyway, didn’t really do much. Did not felt like studying at all today. Didn’t really actually get that much into my head. Felt kinda lifeless I guess.

But I DID end up going for a quick bowling game after school.

Finally my friend manage to score a turkey, so did I today. Can’t be bothered to take a picture today I guess. But I think the scores are getting like, more consistent, got a 140+ again today.


Another faggot that can’t pronounce properly. Too lazy to elaborate on that. But seriously. It kind of makes me think a little more than I should ( ust to figure out wtf she’s saying)

Oh well. I’m going to end off here. Shouldn’t post too many or I’ll run out of stuffs to say on other days =/

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