Geek – Cleaning myths

As promised, here’s the post about the myths of computer cleaning.


ONE. Cleaning your registry

Honestly, it does more harm than good. If you have been using programs that scans and tells you what registry you don’t need and says that you should delete them, you’ve probably ran into errors here and there before.

THAT, is the cause of it. First and foremost, the freeware that we use isn’t smart enough to know what is good to go or stay. Many of a time, just because a certain registry value isn’t called upon by a program, it doesn’t mean that it’s TOTALLY ok to remove it. (eg. Spybot, CCleaner. Don’t get me wrong, they are useful in their own ways)

Though, if you’re smart enough, it DOES help speed up your computer. HOWEVER. I would NOT recommend this to anyone.

Fix? Defrag your registry instead.

That would provide a much safer way of cleaning your system. (though honestly? it would take many months/years for that to slow down your computer)

TWO. Freeing up RAM forcefully.

If you use a program to force your system to free up your RAM, you are actually SLOWING it down. From Windows Vista onwards, windows has an excellent way of managing your RAM. It’s better to leave it as it is.


As you can see, I only have free 522MB of RAM(physical memory) free out of 4GB. The 1465MB of cached RAM allows storage of frequently used programs, hence helping it to launch faster.

THREE. Defragmenting frequently.

It doesn’t really make any difference. In fact, it’ll slow your computer down over time.


When you defrag too frequently, you’re forcing the system to move files within the hard drive more than it needs to. Hence wear & tear occurs, which in turns will slow down the hard drive, slowing down the entire system.



Don’t try to push your system more than it’s rated for. If you pay that much, you’re getting that much. Don’t be such a cheapskate. It’ll have a reverse effect instead.

p.s. overclocking is another story

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