Geek – keep your computer clean

Alright, I don’t know why I’m writings this at this ungodly hour, but hey, when inspiration comes, you just have to embrace it don’t cha?

As the title suggest, I’ll be giving tips on how to keep your computer running as clean as possible. (which means as fast as it can be)

p.s. I will be writing this specifically for windows 7. If you’re running older versions of windows, it should still be applicable to a certain extent.

First, and foremost, which will be the most obvious step, uninstall the programs which you do not need.

remember to reboot to make sure the uninstalls are fully completed.


If you don’t know whether you should uninstall an application because you don’t know if you need it later, see how large the file is, and whether it is easily obtainable online.

If it’s really huge, keep it. It’ll be too troublesome to install later. If it’s really small and you can download it anytime, uninstall it since you don’t need it now.

Of course, that only applies to the less frequently used applications.

For XP/Vista: it’s the same old deal.

Second, use the windows Disk Cleanup

It can be accessed from
Start menu > (type) Disk Cleanup


You can probably remove everything except for thumbnails. But if you worry about instability of any sort. Just remove the temp files. It’s the main thing that slows things down.

For XP: My computer > (right click)C: drive > Properties > Disk cleanup
For Vista: Same as 7.

Third, use default windows Defragmentation.

It can be accessed from
Start menu > (type) Disk Defragmenter


Analyse the hard drive and determine if it needs defragmenting or not. 5% or less is alright.

Now, though there are other disk defragmenting tools out on the internet, for example, Auslogic Diskdefrag is a great tool. Why do I recommend the default one instead? Simply put, no other programs can understand windows better than windows itself.

Through my experience, 3rd party apps tend to assume that files are fragmented as it doesn’t fit it’s algorithm. But there are quite a few times where that’s not the case.

For XP: I suggest using Auslogic Diskdefrag instead.
For Vista: Same as 7.


now you’re wondering, that’s not that much difference from what I already knew! In fact, you may be doing even more than I am to keep your computer clean.

In the next post, I will reveal urban myths about things that “speed up” your computer. Which in fact, it doesn’t.


In case you’re wondering about my system. I’m using 50% of my HDD space. 230GB used, 230GB free. However, do note that 160GB is occupied by media files. Hence, there’s only 70GB worth of applications, documents, system included. I keep my computer as clean as possible.

I forgot to add my final advice. Or rather, the base point you should take from reading this.

Simply do NOT randomly install programs on your computer unless you need it.

(it’s those lousy programmers that screw your computers, really)

4 Comments on “Geek – keep your computer clean”

  1. BeyondOKC says:

    HMy idea of a clean computer is simply NOT to run Windows. I won’t make the case for trying alternate operating systems, but simply put; Windows Sucks.

    If you must have a computer you can rely on, without the annoyances of frequent charges for software/licensing/virus protection/virus removal/PC support… the check out Ubuntu Linux!

    • Lelouch says:

      Well, you see. I use my laptop for school and there are A LOT of programs that is impossible to run in Linux. (no not even wine)
      I do agree that to a certain extent, windows does make things a little hard for people at times. However, I think that that only happens when people try to do something they are not sure of, being cheapskate and constantly finding freeware.
      I’ve had an experiment once and ran my windows 7 machine without anti-virus for a year and nothing happened. People just need to be more aware of what they’re clicking on lol. The point I’m making is, there’s no way we can run away from using windows right now, so it’s better to just make the best of what we have (:

      Thanks for dropping by though!

  2. Nancyworden says:

    I have a problem with the overall premise of your article but I still think its really informative. I really like your other posts. Keep up the great work. If you can add more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding. 🙂 thanks Nancyworden.

    • Lelouch says:

      Well, I wrote the article assuming that people would have basic understanding of how it works in the first place… Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my description =/ Thanks for dropping by though! 😀

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