This sucks, cause I’ve got a fever, and on the last day of the year, it’s probably one of the most annoying things that can happen to you. But heck I’m still going out to fuck around anyways.

So apparently, I can’t think well enough to write my new year’s resolution. So.. Hopefully I’ll be able to write out all the shit. (possibly the longest post ever) Well, next year.

For all the people that have been reading my blog for 2010, thanks for coming over here so regularly! It brings me joy that people enjoy viewing what I post.

So yep! I’ll be back next year! Till then!

And oh, for the sake of it.

Good bye 2010.

Thanks for all the fucked up shit.
Thanks for all the laughter.
Thanks for all the anger.
Thanks for all the enlightenment.
Thanks for all the coincidence.
Thanks for all the friends.


New Year’s Eve

So… Here I am, still awake and all. Supposed to be asleep already. In fact I dozed off like a couple of hours back. But uh, after a couple of vids here and there, and that 44min video about how they reverse engineered hack the PS3, I couldn’t sleep.

It got my geek hormones raging ya know?

Oh in case you’re interested.


So… I realized I’ve been wasting too much time away. Though school is starting soon and all, I think I can still squeeze out quite a bit of time even when I start to study properly.

So I’ve just installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional. I’m pretty sure that this is an overkill for whatever that I’m going to do, but hey. It’s an EXCELLENT platform for me to learn my roots. So yes, I’m only writing this because I was waiting for the installation to complete. And now it’s done. Nights.

It’s a great day.

Well, thanks X for accompanying me today!

Fulfilled another wish today ^^ You guys will find out soon what it is (:  Can’t wait for tomorrow man.

And heck, a year has passed by so quickly, it felt like it’s still 2009 in some ways. So anyway, I will be posting up a New Year’s resolution, probably tomorrow. Hopefully I can accomplish most of the stuffs that I have set for myself!


So well, the prim and proper post will come tomorrow, hopefully. I’m feeling rather tired right now.

Also, I seem to have been infected by some kind of email spam bot. I have no idea how why or what, but anyway, if you receive some retarded email from me, you know it’s just the spam. (it should be obvious anyway)

So yeah! That’s it for now!

Snowball 3


There’s no way you can beat this score now.


And no, i didn’t cheat.

Don’t be afraid to cry

X. this is the song.

Chinese New Year song

As requested by J.

NSFW – like seriously


Okay, please, do NOT click on this link with people around. (unless of course you want to show it to others)


Also this.


Word of advice: Do NOT use IE to view this.


Any damage inflicted wasn’t intentional, blame the internet for coming up with such stupid things.

Also, click them of you dare ^^