Watch this.

Well, computers ain’t the only thing that I’m interested in. Fact about me, I love quantum physics though I can’t really understand  the maths behind it.

If you manage to watch finish the entire video (and understand it), it should give you a new perspective about the entire world.

I like the reasoning that

“Everything that can be, is.”

I like how it give me a very strong principle to stick to.

“Every single action has a definite effect on the future.”


This really fascinates me to no end. Because getting our brains to get around understanding the meaning of infinity of infinity, is rather difficult. And usually for maths, if you derive an answer of infinity, it just means that you’ve got it all wrong.

Here’s a video that gives you some thought about the first one.

Of course, I can go ranting on and on about time and multiverse, but it wouldn’t be much help would it?

Though I DO want to explain the first video a little. About time. Or at least how that guy decides to explain how we actually experience time.

In a 2D world called the line world (much like an ant), what we perceive would be just impossibly thin lines, and it is impossible for us to video the entire object because it will just look like a line to us.

So in the example of the ant, it is only able to perceive what it is on, when it exits the 2D world and enter the 3D world.

In terms of time, we, in the 3D world, are like living on each lines of the 4D world. Unless we’re able to step out of it, we are unable to conceive the timeline, or the 4D world that we’re contained in.

If you still don’t get it, then you obviously haven’t watch the video yet.

The other concept which I’ve been thinking for a long time that makes sense to me is that

Light has no speed.

If you’re travelling at the speed of light, you will reach a place in no time.

So anyway I’m the type of person that likes to wonder about such things, I like to wander in my own little fantasy world about questions that can’t possibly be answered.

I like to read/watch about what people theorize about what happened before the Big Bang. Though each theory has some of a loophole in it, I believe that in time we will get the right answer!

Well, if you have no interest in whatever I’m saying right now, I guess I’ll just sum it up like this.

Quantum physics state that, every single action, be it thought, sight or action, changes everything. So in a sense, the world branches out into infinite number of possibilities because any thing at all will affect the future.

Why am I writing this all of a sudden?

I want to remind myself.

That every single thing happens because of your own decision. Don’t fucking blame others for it.

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