Effects of radiation


Now we know.

Badminton is tiring


Went to redhill sports hall to play badminton with my classmates on friday. And the sad thing is, I have muscle aches till now. It’s been waaaaayyy too long since I exercised.

The annoying thing is, it’s only on my right side. My right arm, my right back, my right butt, my right leg. My left side feels fairly unharmed. Which makes it a really really annoying experience =/

But oh well. Didn’t really blog yesterday cause I was feeling lazy. And helping my mum with the spring cleaning. Yes I do housework. only if absolutely necessary.

So well. It’s lunch break in school. Just waiting for my friend to help me get my food. So.. Here I am!

Nom nom nom

This is so annoyingly addictive

Quote: Things around us

I keep forgetting to mention this, but

The water we use to flush our toilets is the same as the one we use to bathe as well as drink.

Drawing Ichigo


Another one!

Fusion of Zangetsu and Hollow Ichigo in Episode 306! I know the left eye looks a little weird. It’s not my fault, when you have contrast like that, it’s definitely gonna look bigger. But at least it looks okay on the whole.

The shading took really really long. Fuck the shadings man. But man, I think I’m addicted to drawing. Maybe daring another one tomorrow. Trying to get better at it =/

Otaku draws index

Okay, finally have time to sit down and draw. Well, not that I didn’t have the time, just… Forgot about it till recently when people started posting pictures.

majutsu index

Well… it looks a little weird but whatever. Paused at one of the episodes, screenshot and drew it out.

Oh well (: