Because I can

Okay. I’m feeling giddy and all. But I’ve done something fun and useless yet again.

At the moment, I’m running linux (ubuntu) from my Windows 7 partition (thanks to wubi), and then emulating the Windows 7 environment again through virtualbox within Linux. What’s the point?

It’s fast. It feels fast at the very least. Booting into linux takes half the time, booting into windows within linux is friggin fast too. Honestly, if not for school, I would definitely do this cause it makes things easier in a sense. Then again. It’s too bad.

But well, it’s been so long since I geeked for no reason at all. And it feels great. Just that the last paper is tomorrow and I really REALLY should be studying since I’m not very confident. Oh well. Probably some videos and stuffs coming up before I retire for the day.

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