Everyone’s ageing


Okay, it’s tomorrow, but then might not have a chance to post tomorrow and all so well. I hope to eat all the pastries horrrr ^^

Okay, so I promised that I’ll blog in chinese. So…. Here goes nothing.


Okay you know what, fuck this. I can’t remember like half of the chinese words, not to mention that it’s really a pain in the ass to type in chinese on the computer. I really have no idea how the others do it.


Well. COOK ME FOOD BITCH! Wooooops.

but honestly you’re not obese -.-

Doing stupid things


So basically, look at the minimum temperatures. It’s kind of like, holy shit how did I get to such a low temperature suddenly! It’s easy.

I was vacuuming my room. And I decided to just such the air vent. Hence the drop in temperature.

Also, don’t try it lol. It’s not good for the laptops. Or more specifically, the fans. Oh well. Stupid things I do.


scan edit crop

Yes original. Still learning some new stuffs. But I think it’s better than others. Though the hair style is just kinda experimental. OK I’M RUNNING LATE.

Getting serious.

So. I bought a new sketchbook today. Got another pencil for outline, got another marker only to realize that I already have it. But the again, it’s not exactly a bad thing to have a spare. So the thing is. I think I’m going to start drawing seriously from now on. Like, pay more attention to the details and all that.

You know I once said that once I’ve completed 50 drawings I’ll start to try to create my own character? Well, I’m no where near that, somewhere around 21 or so. But the thing is, I’m finishing my sketchbook already. In fact the one I’ve been using so far only has 3 pages left. And chances are I’m just going to use those 3 pages for doodles, like you know, trying to get the perspective and all the little things right. But I’ll try doing it once I get to the new book.

Have also been reading up quite a bit on it. Seen quite a lot of examples. Looking through other people’s work. And realizing how crappy mine is

If I have to name out one thing that frustrates me the most is that I couldn’t find something that has the same strong impact other artists seem to be able to create. Is it because I’m not pressing hard enough? Or is there some kind of special pencil they’re using?

I don’t know man, but I’m getting a little annoyed at myself. Actually I also thought of getting a tablet. You know, the drawing kind. Seems like the cheapest one would be 129, then 179, followed by 399. The one I want costs 1950 lol. But man. I think I’ll just concentrate on getting my basics right first. Tomorrow will be a long hard day of training!

I remembered saying that, during the holidays, I’m going to learn something new and interesting.

This is it.


(and i just realized this is the first word-only post since a long time)

Where is my mind? : Petebox

This is pretty amazing. Must watch man (:

Zombies part 1?


So it’s 2 am. I feel like it’s becoming a habit to write some random shit ass post in the middle of the night for no reason.

Well anyway, I’ve read up several articles about Zombies and stuffs, like facts and shits about zombies, and there are a lot of reasons as to why a Zombie would succeed. Or fail. Of course, I would like to focus on the fail part because we’ve all seen movies about them and usually it doesn’t end so well.

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I want to go to Russia


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And now you understand why.