IT Show 2011 has ended

After 4 days of slogging at work, it’s finally time for some rest. Though I’m not really that tired already lah. Kind of got used to it.


First day, before the start of the fair. The Canon booth that I’m working at.



Last minute briefing and gathering


Right before the gates open and crowd flooding in.


End of day 1. Look at the amount of trash on the ground. It’s much worse in real life.


Last day of the fair if I’m not wrong. Look at the ridiculous amount of people!


Just people, and more people flooding in.


Just more people around the booth and fair.


Even more people in front of our booth.


The last day has ended! The printers are all taken off the display and ready for packing. Still, look at the amount of promoters we have -.-


First time being able to stack so many printers together haha.


A nicer view of the printers?


Workers frantically packing everything up.


What remains of our booth when things are packed.


Finale. The gates are closed. The crowd is out. What remains are all the friggin promoters. Sooooo many promoters.

Well, that’s the end of it. A little sad in a sense that there isn’t something I need to do when I wake up every morning (school is not counted). Cause work = money.

So yeah, made a couple of new friends and all. Had supper at the end of it. Pretty interesting. Never had to talk so much in my entire life before. Previous work doesn’t require me to explain so much shit. So yes, it’s down to the ranting part.

Fuck those indians, fuck those china people, fuck those stupid people asking stupid questions, fuck those cheapos who keep wanting more/better freebies.

I had a hell of a time explaining cause mainly

1. The indian accent is ridiculous. Plus some talk very soft, think the place so noisy we can hear.
2. My chinese isn’t THAT good. It’s a pain in the ass to explain printer terminology in chinese.
3. Printers are boring.

I mean honestly, it’s a printer. What is there to explain?

Some people are so fucking idiotic.

Me; This has wireless printing capability.
X: What do you mean?
Me: Means you can print wirelessly.
X: Oh. So do you need wires?
Me: …. No.

Or situations like

Me: You need a router for the wireless printing to work.
X: I don’t have a router.
Me: Then you want this printer for what?

Or things like.

Me: This is the printer *points*
X: Wah! Why so big?
Me: Cause you need space for the controls, printing and scanning.
X: I looking for something smaller. *use hand gestures to show a size that’s smaller than an A4 paper*
Me: Good luck looking for that.

Especially people who like to compare.

Me: This is the printer that you’re looking for.
X: Does this have email printing?
Me; No it doesn’t.
X: But HP one have.
Me: You need for what?
X: I don’t know, but they have.
Me: …. Then go buy theirs.
X: I’ll think about it.

I have a TON of fucking annoying experiences. But there’s too much shit to write here. But then again, I managed to sell a rough 20 printers a day. So… About 70~80 in 4 days. Not bad for a first time printer sales person!

Man, such a pain in the ass. I’m looking for other jobs to do in the holidays as well. So well, if you got lobang or what, tell me about it. We go register/interview together 😀

So yeah. I’m officially back and alive in this blog hahahahaa.

4 Comments on “IT Show 2011 has ended”

  1. lameyang says:

    haha ur post fucking funny…

  2. smg says:

    the wire one damn epic la can.

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