The night is peaceful

[ by roswel51 ]

I put this under Insomnia but it’s more of a really late night post before I sleep I guess.

Well, this is probably the first time that I’m listening through my earpiece when I’m home. Cause I usually like the use the speakers. It’s slightly more comfortable for my ears.

But man, the experience is on another level. Since I’m not trying to drown out the noise around me. I can really take the enjoyment to the next level.

I want to renovate my room.

No, actually I want to move out. Live on my own. Do all sorts of crazy thing without my family frowning at me. Or just basically spending a huge amount of money to make myself comfortable. I don’t know. It’s like, I feel really bored cause I feel confined and all.

Like, there’s a certain lack of freedom. Lacking the ability to customize the life I want it to be. Customize my tables, my bed sheets, my cups, my walls, everything. Something to prove that it’s mine and it’s personal. Feels like I’m lacking that in my life.

I mean, it’s not that I can’t do it right now. But, I can’t do it without causing inconvenience for others in one way or another.



Man. Feels like something like that is going to happen tomorrow.

My mind’s kinda blank. Time to stop writing.

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