Electives are a waste of time.

How do I know that?

Because I’m currently writing this post during my electives class. It doesn’t count towards my total score, it just sits there looking nice on my report card. But as long as you pass it doesn’t really matter.

And… The lecturer isn’t boring. There isn’t any great scenery. My friends are not in the class. so…..

It’s a total waste of time. The lecturer don’t even care about what we do, he’s just talking. I’m just blatantly using my laptop while the others are just staring at their phones. I wonder how he gets that kind of motivation to continue talking lol.

The stupid thing is that I need to join a group, but you’re doing individual work and judged individually. What the fuck dude. Yeah I know, I’m complaining a lot. That’s because I really have nothing to do at all in class. AT ALL. Sigh. Okay I need to pee.


2 Comments on “Electives are a waste of time.”

  1. superjessleong says:

    LOOOL awwh thats werid x) electives dont count?! thats too bad x) for us electives supposed to bring up your gpa xD or whatever lol if you take the right ones XD but yeaa its just making you more well rounded xD? lol! as for the teacher sometimes i guess it cant be helpedXD good luck in that class!

    • Lelouch says:

      Yeah, it doesn’t for us. HOWEVER, we’re the last batch, the next batch’s elective’s will be counted in their GPA ^^
      Well… I guess so, but electives in my school really.. isn’t like something anyone pay attention to haha 😀

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