Uh.. Daily imagE?

Well, because I forgot to take a picture in school today. I just took a random shot of what’s on my whiteboard right now.

2011-04-27 22.42.19

Learnt this like, uhhhh, yesterday.

It’s like, I usually write about whatever stuffs that I need to remember from that day. And hopefully it gets in my head somehow.

So uh, this was what’s on my board yesterday.

2011-04-27 22.28.34

Yeah I know my handwriting’s really bad, but it’s just a scribble and it’s on whiteboarddd. so… It’s excusable!

Also, I realized that my phone’s camera isn’t as awesome as N97 mini. But usable nonetheless. And oh, I’ve got a finger burn. Thanks to fruit ninja. BUT YES. I finally beat my friend’s high score.

Fruit ninja arcade mode : 747.

You’re welcomed to try and beat my score ^^ (tell me if you do, then i’ll try to break it again)

The finger burn makes me feel like changing the screen protector to a matte one. We’ll see how it goes. Also, I am planning to get a larger whiteboard space. that small board just isn’t enough.

And have I mentioned how hot the weather is. Damn it people, do your part to stop global warming!


3 Comments on “Uh.. Daily imagE?”

  1. superjessleong says:

    ooo your white board is huge!! lol well when compared to mines XD i like the writing on the top one :O looks sooo neat xD all that uhm math XD? lool!anyways! im dling fruit ninja now 😀 gunna try it out muahaha i doubt ill beat your score 🙂

    lol canada hint hint*

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