Going on a Camp


I’ve decided to join skates! And, I will be going for the “freshmen camp”. So I would probably be on hiatus for the next 3 days. Uh. (I mean, unless something really interesting happened in camp and I can’t wait to write about it, I’ll use my phone then)

And, I didn’t managed to get a proper picture which would describe today. Which… Is… Well, mundane. So… ….

Ok, I’m going to try and write something interesting on the whiteboard and use it as the pic of the day!

2011-04-28 21.19

So well. Uh. I’m currently really hooked onto this song. I’ll move it to the next post so that it’ll be in the right category! So well. Song coming right up~


3 Comments on “Going on a Camp”

  1. superjessleong says:

    oo camp! sounds like fun ;D i remmebre i had one when iw as in grade 7 :O! lol! that was aweosme! hope yooou enjoy it 😀

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