Random stuffs here and there

Okay, um, I the kind of person who thinks about, really different things from one moment to another. So thanks to that it’s sometimes hard to write about random daily stuffs because they’re so vastly different from each other that there isn’t any coherence at all.

But I’m still going to try anyway!

So first off, the most important thing that happened today. When I stepped into the LRT, it was really crowded and all, but from a distance she caught my eye, our eyes met and I couldn’t get my eyes off her.

She looked like a frickin reincarnation of Severus Snape.

So yes, I was very much amused and I told my entire class about it.

Then, I basically went school just for a 2 hour math lesson, it was worth it. My brain pretty much got electrocuted but it was well worth it. (skipped 2 lessons in the morning because, I can’t understand the language the 1st lecturer was using, and the 2nd lecturer was simply annoying)

Also, I know I’ve said this many times but I LOVE comments, all the trolls in the internet just make it a much better place 😀


Also, there are just really random short videos like these that doesn’t really make sense to make a post specially for it.

Also, the 2nd season of Kampfer, also known as Kampfer fur die Liebe. The.. first episode I assume, was simply ROFLMAOOMG.

Simply because, one of the characters used SENNEN GOROSHI! (1000 years of death)

It’s a move from Naruto. If you don’t know about it, here’s a few videos for you to check out. Kampfer, however, executed it with extreme style and power.



Original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnJdGc5a98c

Ah, reminds me of the good times that I did it to my friends. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

So yeah, you can see how awkward it is for me to type about all these random things. So usually I pick out the more interesting ones to post, and the rest just gets forgotten I guess?

Oh well, i think I need to start using more words, start practicing my english again, I feel like my vocab is getting limited =/

I hate late people

Ah, I came across a fine article about how to deal with people who seems to have fucked up clocks, or don’t have a clock, or don’t know how to read the frickin clock.

I’ve had my fair share of experiences, so yeah.


1. Be on time and turn your cell phone off.
2. Set a 15min countdown and chill.
3. If your friend isn’t there after 15mins, turn your phone back on and leave

This procedure might seem harsh, but some people just don’t get it. You asked them to come on time and you’ve tried the Phase 1. There isn’t any other way.

Nobody likes people who are always late and if they think that they’re of such importance, they’re wrong. The important part of any friendship is mutual respect. By constantly showing up late the other party shows a great lack of it. Therefore, you have no obligation to honor it as well.


I love this guy.

If you can’t be bothered to read. Basically he’s like, go there and afk until you’re annoyed, then go back online while you leave. And tell the person that you can’t be bothered if he is going to just give you some shit ass excuse.

You hear that? I wasn’t being mean. I’m was just fucking annoyed by you. And by you I’m not specifically referring to anyone, EXCEPT YOU FAGGOTS WHO ARE ALWAYS LATE, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE _|_

Oh well.

5 ball juggling. By a machine


This totally blew my mind. H- Hoow the fuck. Lol. Seriously man. I can’t imagine if I stop updating myself for a month. The world would have left me stranded on a lonely island already.


ASUS UX Series, the best looking laptop ever

I swear, this is the most beautiful laptop I’ve ever seen.


Also, I’m really tired and lazy to blog today. Yawns.

Future of gaming

The lines between virtual and reality gets further blurred with this.

Man, mark my words, 10 years from now we will have photo realistic 3D games.


Frickin close Yatch

Holy shit man, this is really close.

Take it easy

Life’s a joke,
you’ll lose if you take it too seriously.

– Zero