Boredom creeps up to me

What is boredom?

To me, it’s when your class ends 1 hour early, and you have to stay in school for 7 hours, waiting for CCA to start. And I don’t even know if I can buy my skates today. The wait is pretty much killing.

Wasted 2 hours plus bowling. I think I finally remembered how to bowl properly. The 3 games’ scores are as follows.

130+, 164, 172.

So.. Well, been sitting down for over an hour. Watching shows and doing stuffs. Feeling really really bored. Kind of reminds me of this awesome song.

I feel so glad that I brought my laptop today. I can’t imagine spending the next 2 hours or so doing nothing. Okay, maybe I should do some amazing post since I really don’t have anything to do.

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