Because it’s Friday

Okay, 3 awesome things.

First one, the skates (which I have already mentioned on this post)

Second, I mentioned that I bowled on Friday?

2011-05-06 13.47.42

Managed to get two turkeys that day! Didn’t take picture of the other score though.

I can’t wait to play again. Since I finally KIND OF corrected myself. Though when the pros are around, it’s kind of demoralising in a certain sense. There was this guy that got 245 that day. Other than 3 spares, the rest are strikes. What the heck man.

The third thing!

2011-05-06 23.06.15

This happened when I was on my way home with S~! So well, there was this group of teens, and at first they were like

*hand gesture for me to have the seat*
”have a seat (in chinese)”

So we were like,

*hand gesture for them to have the seat.”
”nono you have have seat (in chinese)”

and this went on all the way for like 1 or 2 stations. It was, frickin hilarious. It’s really quite hard to describe it in words. But it’s probably the highlight of this week (apart from my skates)

Well, basically we just stood around that sacred seat till almost the last station where the girlfriend of that guy took a sit to. calm their friend down or something? I can’t really remember what happen.

But either way, that was a really cute situation. When we have reached our stop (the last station), we wave and bid each other goodbye.

Totally brought smiles to my face ^^

I love Fridays man.


3 Comments on “Because it’s Friday”

  1. superjessleong says:

    awwh thats so cute x) does everyone speak chinese in singapore :O?!

    • Lelouch says:

      yeah! ^^ well… not really. It depends on your up bringing in your family. For eg, I speak chinese with my mum but english with my dad. Some people will use dialect. Well, it just differs for every family I guess!

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