Heeeelllllll yeah!

I finally got my skates ^^

Like after such a long time. I’ve got them yesterday. (see I told you this post would be awesome, at least for me). But yeah, they cost $330 after a 25% discount. (thanks to being in SP)

So yeah, they feel really, really smooth. Will probably take some time getting used to. And it’s tight, like really REALLY tight, though the guy and the seniors said that it will loosen over time so yeah it’s fine I guess!

Practiced a little this afternoon. (thanks leon for lending me the cones!)

And that’s when I realized something really. Really. Annoying.

Okay, AHS peeps, remember that time I wore a bandage to school? Apparently, that frickin sprain caused my left ankle to not be that flexible. So… It kinda hurts when I do certain moves. It felt slightly better after I tightened the skates but yeah, that certain amount of inflexibility is there. (And then I realized why I kept felt like falling down yesterday)

So yeah, I spent most of my time trying to correct that. Tried to slide and failed miserably.

So enough about that! I’ll move onto my next post about what happened yesterday. (since this is kind of a special post ^^ )


4 Comments on “SEBA FR1”

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  2. superjessleong says:

    oOo!! but they dont have breaks o_o how do you stop?!?!

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