2011-05-09 14.37.25

Damn, I overslept today by an hour plus. And of course, I reached school an hour plus late. The lecturer seems to be more amused than annoyed. So well, I guess all’s good. Except that she nags for no frickin reason.

Well, hanged with L on sat for no reason at all.

2011-05-07 22.13.31

Yeah, at the top of my area’s multi-storey car park. Just sat around talking shit, drinking and eating snacks. (no alcohol, that noob)

And what the fuck is wrong with the weather?! It’s like 930pm but it’s so damn effing warm I seriously can’t take it man. This has nothing to do with me moving around too much or what. The worst part is that my aircon doesn’t seem to be functioning properly. Garrrh dammit.

But anyway, I just thought that, maybe some people will be interested in the process of the drawing rather than just the finished product. (well all these taken by phone so the quality of the image is kinda =/  )

2011-05-08 16.06.43

The rough sketch in pencil.

2011-05-08 16.20.03

The same rough sketch but with more well defined lines.

2011-05-08 16.58.36

Outlined using a marker and coloured the eyes.


Yoite Crop

End product! (scanned)

Added in the shadings, and increased the contrast to remove all the uneven blotches of white.

2 Comments on “Overslept..”

  1. superjessleong says:

    oOo i like the work in progresses 🙂 should do that every time X) haha ormaybe once in a while 😀 its nice to see!! class room has so much stuff :O!!

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