Okay, not that the actual thing sucks. But the fact that a day only has 24hours is kinda sickening.

But I do have a lot of fun when I’m actually practicing 😀

Managed to learn another… 3 uhhh. uhhh. technique / skill / moves? (I have no idea what you call them) Oh well, seems like it’s progressing pretty fine. I wanted to take a picture to show how it looks like but uh..

I guess I forgot.

And since I can’t make it for the friday training. I guess it’ll have to wait a week before I’m able to post some pictures up! I’m like trying my best to make sure this post goes up before 12 so that I’ll feel at peace that I’ve made at least a post today.

So um, I guess I don’t really have much to say right now since I’m really really tired. But I think I just made a rather interesting comment on Facebook so I’ll just put it up here.

If you think he/she is worth it when they are always breaking your heart.
Ask yourself again, why?

She can only break your heart if she’s worth it, and if she’s worth it, then it’s worth breaking your heart over.
So basically you’re screwed if you find a girl that’s worth it and always breaks your heart.

2 Comments on “CCA SUCKS”

  1. superjessleong says:

    lool nice quotesxD

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