Food is awesome

2011-05-23 11.37.49

This is like, the food that I’m eating almost everyday. Thanks to my classes almost always in the same location, and that this is probably the best you can get around that area.

If you’re from SP, it’s the hotplate store from FC3.

So uh, it’s really nice but I’m getting sick of it. The other reason why I’m writing this is because I’m having diarrhoea accompanied by a terrible stomach ache. And it sucks, especially when you’re in school. You’re constantly on the fear that you’ll run out of toilet paper, and that you can’t leave.

And the fact that it’s just plain gross.

Well, apart from that I’m currently in a dilemma, or not really since there’s 3 options. I don’t know if I should go for a really useless lesson that I don’t listen, and the lecturer doesn’t care.

Or if I should skip the lesson, and chill at some spot for 6 hours.

Or if I should just go home since I have this annoying diarrhoea.

It seems like I would regret every single decision I make. Because, I don’t want to stay at a spot for 6 hours, I hate that lesson, and I don’t really want to miss my training.

So… Well, basically it’s the re-enactment of

“Houston, we have a problem.”

2 Comments on “Food is awesome”

  1. superjessleong says:

    THAT looks really nummy :< i want that!

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