Well, I’m not going to dwell on the TouchWiz 4.0 because I don’t like it. The main thing is the lockscreen! Which I really really love.

Oh wait I forgot to mention what I did. Okay basically I flashed the Samsung Galaxy SII theme onto my Samsung Galaxy S. You might ask me why?

Because I can.

Back to the lockscreen.


I simply love the simplicity! And I left my music player on to show you the little bar on top that shows the now playing which has a semi-transparent background to it. (which I love). You can also drag it down to reveal controls, like this.


I’m like frickin in love with it. Sadly, I have no way of showing the swiping of the lockscreen. It works pretty similarly to the Windows Phone 7’s lockscreen so you get the idea (:

Firmware: 2.3.3
Baseband: I9000XXJVO
Kernel: XWJVH Dark Core 2.6
Build: DarkyROM 10.1 RE

Let’s see what more I can do with this baby ^^


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