Catch a breath

Alright, I’m finally back! Yes exams takes the mood out of writing in blogs.

But it’s 2 down and 2 to go! the hardest part is over (maths). And I don’t have a paper today so well. Time to do stupid things lol. First of all, I finally bought a tablet!

2011-06-29 11.58.17

Wacom Pen and Touch.

Well, shan’t dwell into the details. But so far so good. It’s really responsive and sensitive. Though it feels rather weird. Cause the movement on the surface is relative to the screen size. So when I try to work with my 23” monitor it really isn’t effective. Opted to draw on my 14” laptop screen instead.

So, though it’s good and all, I’m really not used to it. And thanks to that I can’t produce clean lines. Since it’ll probably be a while before I manage to draw anything good I thought I should just let you see where I’m at now.


Not really great at the moment as you can see. But well, probably a week or two will get me used to it.

The other geek thing I did was, yes you guessed it. My phone again. Just flashed it to the latest Ficeto JVQ rom. (2.3.4) Also, overclocked with Tegrak to 1.2GHz. So, though it’s probably still not performing at it’s optimal, here’s my quadrant score.


So well, it’s a matter of time before I hit the 3k mark. (hints at someone)

Oh well, gonna take today slow and slowly revise. Yawns.


7 Comments on “Catch a breath”

  1. xFast says:

    Still a long way to go ok! Hahaha

  2. p4perkut says:

    bastard… =DDD

  3. superjessleong says:

    lool woot! sucha nice tablet XD mine looks really old and ugleh now haha X) good progress 😀 darnit! its making me wanna draw and for the tablet and scren thing XD isnt it soo much more awesome when the screen is the same as the tablet er. i find its easier to draw that way x)

    • Lelouch says:

      hehe thanks 😀 haha as long as it works it’s a good tablet! huh, you mean drawing on the screen itself? it’s too expensive to get that! >.<

      • superjessleong says:

        oh no no no lol not on the screen haha X) just er like how the tablet is O_o relative to the comp screen?! i dunno what im saying hahaXD

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