Like a boss (bird)


Well, nothing much to say about today, super failed attempt at studying.


Watching him count to 100,000

Accept this challenge if you dare.

Or Nyan-cat, or mudkipz. Either way, the internet is filled with things to waste your time.


Don’t update your FB when driving



You know, you can’t really trust the GPS sometimes. Still, I’ve had worse.

p.s. Feeling rather, tired and grouchy.

Everything is offensive

Woops, forgot to blog today =/


Inception Trailer A Capella

Holy smokes! ROFL.

You HAVE to watch it, well, here’s the link for the original trailer in case you forgot about it.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

harry potter


So you know, for your own sake, please don’t read this if you haven’t watch it yet. Please, I hate to spoil the ending for anyone.

First off, I watched it with P and Z, haven’t been out with them for ages! So yeah, it was pretty cool and fun and all. Well, nothing much to say about that, it’s more or less things that are inside my head and pretty impractical to try and write it out.

Now to the movie. What can I say…

It was flipping awesome.

But. the ending is pretty shitty.

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By some miracle, I decided to go home earlier today. (okay I’m just tagging along with my friend) So I have sufficient time to do a proper post in a long time!

2011-07-27 18.34.05

Been wanting to show you guys how skates looked like for a really long time! Keep forgetting. Of course, the sky isn’t so dark. I reduced the exposure so that the sky will still retain some of it’s details.

The actual brightness is something like this.

2011-07-27 18.33.46

But you can’t see the sky right?

So anyway, I managed to take a rather good shot. (considering that it’s my phone)

2011-07-27 18.35.43

Well, slacking more now during CCA cause it’s kind of a pain in the ass to keep trying my best at all times. There are quite a few funny things that happened here and there but the one that I can remember most clearly is what my friend told me last week.

His lecturer bought a new laptop, so as you know, it will go into standby mode after some time if you didn’t change the settings. So he was like

"Sorry class, I just got my laptop, so I haven’t changed it’s settings, hence I have to keep fingering it to keep it stimulated.”

Obviously the class roared into a thunderous laughter, but then he added the 2nd punch line

“Oh sorry let me phrase it in another way, I have to stimulate it to keep it turned on”

LOL. That is one epic lecturer to have in your class. ❤

So, that’s more or less the thing that I want to write about today. (there was this other racist joke that happened yesterday, but I guess it’s not as funny written out)

NOW, HARRY POTTER. I watched it yesterday, but I guess I’ll leave it to the next post!