Random articles again.

So! I’m back with a few more interesting articles I’ve been reading this week. Let’s get it started. I’ll start with something pretty interesting to most people i would expect.

A typing test.



Now, it might seem a little boring since I’m sure many of you have done these before, but this has a little trick up it’s sleeves, and that is, once you’re done with that, it will actually show you the stats of each letter and finger performance. So you can tell which of your finger is weaker.


You can then hover over each letter and they’ll tell you the amount of times you pressed it, and the average time it took you to press. And the redder it is, the faster you are on that key. (p.s. my blue keys are only 150ms)

Alright moving on!

Who knew that you could make music with your penis?

Micronecta scholtzi (c)  Jerome Sueur

I certainly never thought of that. Well, not the point here. This little bug here, is the loudest animal on Earth relative to it’s body size.

It can hit a maximum of 99.2db and an average of 78.9db. That, is bloody frickin loud for something that is only 2mm in size.


Now, I don’t know how much this applies to us, or how practical it is, but it is very very fascinating to me.

Somehow, some one has managed to formed a formulae on how much ice do we need in our drinks.


Might be a little dry, but well pretty darn cool to read about, here’s the link to it!


LAST, but not least, I think this would be an article I would urge all of you to read on.

It tells us about the rights we have as civilians. That, we have the right to refuse a search unless the police produces a warrant for it. In this time and day where our digitalized information contains so much sensitive information, I think it would be useful, in the case that you’ve somehow gotten yourself into some shit.

Know your rights! 



On a random note, I would like to mention my friend’s blog, and if you’re as bored as him you should go check it out cause he, well, writes some really funny/retarded stuffs sometimes.


2 Comments on “Random articles again.”

  1. lameyang says:

    the keyboard app is damn cool =D

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