We are all rich people.

So, I was on my way home today, and it just so happens that the timing coincides with the my primary school dismissal time.

Well, first, I saw a young kid (can’t remember male or female), skipping along as he walks, in a seemingly good mood that school has ended. Though he seems to be carrying a rather heavy bag, it doesn’t really seem to bother him that much. Then, as I was reaching, I saw two girls (primary school as well), playing in the playground. I don’t know if they were waiting for their friends or deciding what game to play, but both of them clearly don’t look unhappy in the slightest bit. They seem to be planning to have a lot of fun even under this ridiculously hot weather.

Hence, I thought to myself.

What the fuck happened to me?!

I don’t feel happy going home. I don’t really have anything that I’m really looking forward to. I feel like all my work is just a burden. Sure, there are things that will make me happy/take my mind off things but there really isn’t any magical stress relieving activity that I have.

I thought pretty hard about it, and came up with the one word answer.


We are bored people man. We feel bored in school, we feel bored sleeping early, we feel bored playing games, we feel bored eating. I mean, it’s just that “sian” feeling I get all the time.

By now, if you have read the title, you must be thinking to yourself, what does this have anything to do with the title? Well, let me start by using this quote.

Boredom is a luxury.

We don’t have to work like a slave to ensure a decent standard of living. We don’t have a life-crisis that we’re facing. We have the time to sit around and not do anything. We have that luxury, to do what we want. That ultimate sign that your life is going well, is that you’re bored.

Else, you’ll just be too busy to be thinking about being bored.

And since time = money,


Yeah I bet you saw that coming. Well, here’s the thing I’m thinking too. Why is it that we are able to feel bored even though we’re doing a fuck lot more than we were when we’re younger? Like, if we were to impose this workload onto our younger selves, we’ll probably just give up and die.

Therefore, I came up with this theory. That, because our brain grows exponentially, being able to handle more tasks with less effort. In a way I just want to say that I’m a smart ass 😀

But seriously though, I should really put my time into doing something more worthwhile instead of thinking about things like these. So in conclusion I want to say something meaningful, like…




p.s. like reading my blog.

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