Now I know where the traffic comes from

I’ve been wondering.. how the heck did people find my blog?!


As you can see, only 50 people go to this blog like, directly. If I count the in the posts that was posted today (Cause it’s published on fb and twitter so people click on it directly).

It’s 69 in total. (coincidence I swear)

What about the rest? there’s like 76 from some other random old posts. So if I include the search terms (on wp), I’ll add in another 61. So left with 15. Well, after some searching, I finally found out the reason why.

Well, you know I’ve been participating in the postaweek/postaday challenge. And, if you go to those two addresses, you’ll actually see my blog being featured there.

Considering that,


That really REALLY makes me happy somehow ^^



Well, I’m not going to tag this post because well.. I don’t really want this conceited post to find it’s way up there somehow.

Well, it’s all good and all but there’s something that I’m a little sad about.

Well, for some reasons, almost all my friends have stopped blogging. (either regularly or completely stopped). I don’t blame them for their busy schedules but it feels a little lonely somehow. That I’m the only one that’s still continuing to do this after such a long time.

I mean, sure, I could go and read some other random people’s interesting blogs. But it’s different from reading your friend’s blog. Be it personal or for their own ranting pleasures.

It’s a little sad once in a while, when you visit those blogs that you used to go to, it’s just a stagnant website that is a relic of the past. I guess it’s not really that fun to talk to one self all the time. It’s amazing when I think about it.

Well, now that I have a surcharge of ideas, I’m going to turn it into a post. Well, I’ll post the link HERE when I’m done with here.


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