Plan B

This… is definitely going to be really confusing because there’s 3 stuffs that lead to this post.

1. A documentary I watched sometime ago.

2. Forgetting to go for the first paper.

3. Me walking home.

Here goes the hardest post I’m going to ever write. (because it’s going to take a heck lot of effort to link everything together)

So the documentary was about a guy who survived in the ocean for 3days. Without food or water, with no boat or whatsoever, just floating.

Basically, he was sky diving, but the plane he was on fucked up, and crashed into the ocean, they managed to jump off before the plane crashed. However, he was separated from his friends, and it’s really hard to get rid of the parachute because they’re in water. And apparently, all his friends died shortly after the jump and he was stranded all alone with nothing, literally nothing at all in the middle of the ocean.

He had no ways of communications, he had no rations, nothing. Just a chute that he had to cut away from (or he’ll get dragged down with it). He managed to find a piece of wood of some sort and clung onto it for as long as he can. But, as he floated towards what seems like land to him, he thought for very long but decided that, he had to abandon the log in order for him to swim there (too heavy). But by abandoning the log, he would lose his only support (which he had clung onto for 2days+)

Half way through swimming, he got scared, and swam back to the safety of the log. and he wasted precious energy. As time goes by, he realized that, he’s getting further and further away from the shore, and it was a do or die situation, he gathered all his courage to let go of the log, and swam as hard as he could towards the shore, but to no avail. He had given up all hope and just decided to let nature decide his fate. By some miracle, a fisherman happened to come pass and spotted him and rescued him, allowing him to live to tell the tale.

It is really really incredible, sadly I forgot what his name was.

I forgot to go for the first paper, which means I’m screwed, but that also means that in order not to get screwed too badly, I just have to try my best to study hard for the remaining papers. And that is how I manage to keep focus for longer than usual (though I slacked today away)

Lastly, when I was walking home. There was this sheltered way (half sheltered, half not, parallel). I in the unsheltered path even though it was slightly drizzling, but I stayed close to the shelter (not under). Because, just in case it got heavy, I can get shelter ASAP.

All this led me to think that.

“We are better off without a plan B.”

Because, it’s a do or die situation. All this while we’ve always been planning “what if this doesn’t work out?”, instead of trying our best to make the first plan work in the first place.

So 1, he had to swim or die, 2, I had no choice, to study or die, 3, shows how scared I am of screwing up something.

I don’t know, that’s just what I feel.  Too much effort has been put into dealing with the repercussions rather than not getting it in the first place. As they’ve always said

Prevention is better than cure.

So why? I mean, if we think about our studies, we have the mentality of, “it’s okay if I screw this up, I still have something else to make up for it”.

When it comes to work, “it’s okay if I fuck this job up, I can always switch to another career”

Think about it real hard.

Isn’t everything we do kind of like this? I mean, yeah, it’s good that we’re giving ourselves safety nets so that when we fuck up, we won’t be screwed over our ends. But that is seriously seriously limiting the capabilities of what we can actually do.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained”

So I guess, that’s all I have to say. I’m sure all the thoughts in your head will do the remaining talking for you.

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