Happy Birthday Turtle~

2011-09-05 18.26.45

Yep, we “surprised” him at Marina Barrage. Though well, it wasn’t much of a surprise but oh well, it worked out itself somehow!

Before I start on anything, I want to say that I don’t understand why people like to go there so much. There’s like nothing to do over there. Other than flying the stupid but awesome kite, looking at people, and the mesmerizing scenery over there. There’s like a significant amount of people over there on a frickin Monday. (Has September holidays started? I don’t know cause you know, everyday is a holiday to me)

So well, let me just start with the most awesome picture I took that day so that you would bother pressing the frigging read more link

2011-09-05 18.03.04

I have always wondered how people managed to take such surreal pictures. But I guess that, with a little of skill, nothing is impossible (:

Still, I need to stress that all of this is taken with my phone. If only if I had a proper camera I could show you guys what I really see and feel!


(original 3522×2148)

Before you say, what… how?! This is actually stiched together using 5 pictures. Not as easy as you think when using a shitty camera! But of course, that’s the “highest” I can achieve, the widest one (using same pictures) is this

Untitled-3(original 5420×1424)


Untitled-4(original 7136×1977, 6 5mp shots)

I think I’m really addicted to panoramic shots because I took quite a few

2011-09-05 17.52.36

2011-09-05 17.53.14

One of my favourite shots from this area is this

2011-09-05 17.52.48

Cause the group of people walking up are my friends and not just some random strangers (:
Oh, I really really really like this shot too


My friends just standing around, flying the kite. I think this kinda captured the feeling I wanted to portray!

During the evening, we somehow managed to find a tennis ball in V’s bag and play catch. A stupid thing to do at this age but man, it was fun ^^

2011-09-05 18.45.32

(if you look closely, the little dots at the bottom of the image are humans ^^ )

We went to fish & co for dinner afterwards. Oh before that, V caught a cockroach and threw it at chim. Retards in action man. But oh well, it made for good fun 😀

Didn’t take pictures after evening and night cause it’s kind of pointless with the kind of camera I have. (okay I did take some but I choose not to post personal pictures of other people)

So yeah, it was really fun and all. It’s nice to meet up with all your old friends even if it’s not for soccer haha. Oh btw, I can’t upload the full-resolution images cause wordpress wouldn’t let me. So.. I’ll upload the largest I could for some of it.

p.s. Accompanying my dad for checkup. So I’m kinda blogging in the hospital. Feeling a little out of place. Oh well.

2 Comments on “Happy Birthday Turtle~”

  1. superjessleong says:

    lol love the photos !! and composition! and location and sky 🙂

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