The meaning of happiness


“There is no light without darkness.”

Well. That’s probably the main point of this entire post.

Few months ago, I wrote that I want to make myself happy.

What I want. - Windows Live Writer_2011-05-24_17-59-56

And it’s the holidays now! So I have some time to think about things I usually don’t have time for. As usual, it’s the strangest string of events that lead me to think about this.

    1. Going out
    2. Staying home
    3. Doing things alone (hobby)
    4. Playing games with other people
    5. Playing games alone
    6. Trying something new
    7. Sticking to things I’m used to

Something like that. Example of hobby could be drawing photography or some geeky stuffs. And trying new things can be learning hard stuffs online or drawing on a tablet, and sticking to things I’m used to can be just using pencil and paper, or just sticking to the tech stuffs I know.

So yeah, I would say that there is SOME SORT of link between all of them.

“Well, I’m doing what I want without much stress/responsibilities right now. Am I happy?”

That thought came to my mind. If I had to choose no matter what, I guess, yeah, I’m happy.

Ah this is hard to bring across. You know those times where you think about how you should lead your life? Whether you should seek out adventures, and make your life exciting, trying things you’ve never tried before? Or whether if you should just, lead a calm and peaceful life, being happy with what you have.


Up till now, I would say that I’m leading the latter life. I was thinking, would it be more fun, exciting, more enjoyable for me if I were to try to adventure out of my warm and cosy hole? The idea of being a street performer hit me. Why not? I think it would be pretty exciting.

And here’s where the first quote comes in. There’s no light without darkness.

Going on an adventure means putting yourself out there, being susceptible to the ups and downs of life. Sure, you’ll get beaten down really bad at some point in life, but that makes the little things you get so much more magical! I would say that it’s the contrast that we all love.

Before I continue, let me clear something up first. When I say adventure v.s peaceful. It doesn’t literally mean going on an adventure (though that’ll be fun). It just means to be more spontaneous, to be more willing to attempt things that you’ve never tried before. To be willing to take risks, be it work or relationships. So yeah being peaceful is pretty much being passive about all of these.

Hence, if you compare peaceful against adventure, it seems like a pretty dull life, right? I guess, in a way, you could say that. However, for some people, happiness is to enjoy the slow passage the time without being disturbed by it. Some people just like the romantic idea that, you don’t need to be very successful in life, but as long as you’re not down in the dumps, you should be satisfied with what you have.

As for me, since I’ve been through some shits, I appreciate this dull, boring life. I like to pass my time without being disturbed by anything. Of course, I enjoy the occasional adventures. But I don’t think that my heart can withstand the constant ups and downs.

Still, that is over thinking things a little too much.

To me,

  • Happiness is eating your favourite food.
  • Happiness is waking up late in the morning.
  • Happiness is having someone to talk to.
  • Happiness is kicking the world out with your earphones.
  • Happiness is having an ice cold drink on a hot day.
  • Happiness is reading a book with a hot cup of coffee.
  • Happiness is having a home to return to.
  • Happiness is the smell of sunshine.
  • Happiness is anything that makes me (:

“Well, what is happiness to you?”

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