My body is good at picking timings

I’m sick. I think. And I can’t get to sleep. So recovery isn’t really going well. And just as fate would have it, I have a chalet tomorrow. So.. I’m planning to skip the first day if things don’t start looking better for me.

Sore throat, and probably… a cold or flu? I don’t know, I feel like someone’s just left the tap open in my nose. It’s fascinating how much liquid has flowed out since this afternoon. It’s not just any other ordinary mucus. It’s ordinary water. Like, water water. No smell no taste no texture. (I can’t help it, a lot flowed out)

So I’m wondering if I drank too much water or something. Either way, I seem to have lost about 50% or so of my sense of taste. A clear sign of flu. Either that, or that the strepsils I took is so strong it knocked my taste buds down.

I’m eating supper now.

If you felt that that line came out of the blue, it’s what I feel too. I just suddenly felt like eating something, and you can never go wrong with white bread with Nutella. Along with a hot cup of milk tea. All I can taste, is the chocolate and the tea. I can’t taste the bread or the sweetness of the tea. Which is weird.

You know the feeling where you ate panadol, feel really tired. But somehow unable to sleep? I’m feeling that right now. And… it’s annoying me. Greatly. Which explains this senseless post.

Msn, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. Please, let me sleep right now, recover fully and enjoy the next few days to the fullest. It’s pointless to go to a BBQ if you can’t eat the food.


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