Let’s climb the damn hill


“I climbed the Bukit Timah Hill,
because I can.”

First things first, it was steeper than I thought. There wasn’t really any picture I took that could convey how steep it was except for this.


Went with Z to test out my camera and he was just… practicing his skills I guess. Though I feel a little stupid holding a compact next to a DSLR. But that also means that I can take shots like this way easier than he could ^^

Honestly, this is a really boring place and there isn’t a lot of things that I could take picture of. I could, of course, keep taking shots like this.


But I find it really pointless to go around taking pictures of rocks and leaves. Our only saving grace at that time is.



As the sun is setting, we decided to leave the place cause it was so damn boring. Thankfully, I managed to snap this before we left.


Oh, we also found a playground in the middle of no where.


When we finally descended totally. We found something interesting. Monkeys. Lots of em’. It’s rare that we actually managed to get so close to one. This is way better than being in a Zoo man. Of course, my 16x zoom came in really really handy. Enjoy (:




Blah blah blah, there were so many monkey shots that it gets a little boring. So anyway, right before we decided to head back. A parting shot from the area.


And then, I head on down to another chalet. Of course, those stories and pictures would be left to another post.

p.s. I’m getting sick of taking scenery, models anyone?


3 Comments on “Let’s climb the damn hill”

  1. lameyang says:

    TMD need to find some where more intersting to go nx time man…hahax…

  2. lameyang says:

    oh ya u can try taking product shots…is quite fun and sum more u can like do it at home no nid to go out…and paiseh for de double post click to many times liao…

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