I hate slow typers


“I get very annoyed at slow typers.”

Every time I watch some of my friends search for some stuffs online, or write out a report of some sort. Or just seeing my mum use the computer.

It really really gets on my nerves.

It’s like, hello, the keys are just there. Why are you taking such a long time to reach it?


I mean, yeah, I understand that not everyone can type fast. Maybe they learnt it the wrong way or maybe they just never had the need to type fast. But come on, anything less than 40wpm simply irritates me.

Most of my friends around me (including me of course), are relatively fast typers. We range between 80~130wpm. My average would be around 100wpm. Still, I’m trying to improve my typing so that I would get less and less mistakes.

The feeling of watching someone typing slowly is the same as watching someone not using the scroll wheel, but decides to move to the right and click on the fucking scroll bar instead.

The triggering factor for this post was me watching my mum find the keys on the keyboard. Words could not describe how frustrated I felt just by watching her. I’m thankful for our generation being IT literate.




I’m so so so terribly annoyed at people who ask me questions just because they’re too lazy to RTFM. Or thinking that I know everything. I mean, in the end I’m going to Google it anyway, right? Come on, do everyone a favour by only asking AFTER you’ve searched and you can’t find the answer, or that you can’t understand it.

It’s like all the people lurking in the forum asking stupid questions just because they’re too lazy to search the friggin forum.

All this sudden angst in me is spoiling my mood. I shall do something light hearted before heading to bed.

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