Collecting eclipse is cool


Overkill is underrated

1 purple

3 yellow

5 light blue

17 green

38 blue

It all started a few years back in my secondary school, I had a friend called Micah. Now, Micah was a pretty interesting guy. He did lots of funny things but one of the most significant ones was that he always brought sweets to school. It could be mentos, chocolate, some gummy sweet, or more often than not, Eclipse.

In fact, out of all days I’ve seen him. There’s only probably a 5% chance that he didn’t have Eclipse with him. Also, he like to put it in his pocket, and if you ever carried a half eaten box of Eclipse in your pocket, you’ll be familiar with the


That accompanies your every step. So during my last year, I decided that I can’t let this tradition die off. The revitalising sweets that you get during class, the rhythmic metal noise, the faggots who’ll always steal your sweets, I can’t let that fade off!

“Also, I really like the mints.”

So I started buying eclipse as well. We would share with our friends in class and trade each other’s flavours if we happen to have different ones. But of course, the best flavour is the blue one.
Winter Frost.

The next best is the Spear Mint (green)


Green with envy are you eh?

So, you see. That’s just a trifling amount, Now, drop your jaws for my Winter Frost collection!


The 3 colours in the corner looks so puny

As you can clearly see, I don’t really like the other flavours. Now, I can’t just let such a rare chance go right? Time for a family shot.


That's all 64 of them

After this I just got bored and decided to just arrange them nicely in a grid.


Gridception, a grid in a grid

In the end I just got bored and decide to show how one lone Eclipse could rise above the rest!


I'm taller than all of you!

I did not do any kind of eye pleasing colour effects. (except for exposure and contrast)

Well, I was just playing with my camera and see what it could do. It took some pretty nice shots so I’m quite satisfied.

People might wonder, what’s the point of keeping all of these? Well, no reason really. Why would people keep anything that have no use? Sentimental value? Probably not for me. At first I just wanted to keep track of how much I’ve bought. Still, it makes for a ridiculous interesting collection. So maybe when I reach 100 or 200, I’ll just send all of them for recycling. It’s a far better option that just throwing them away, right?

So yeah, usually I put all of them on top of a shelf but after today, I simply chuck all of them into a plastic bag and throw them into a corner. I probably need the shelf for other things.

That’s all for now. Maybe I should take out my movie tickets collection.. Joking! There’s too much.

p.s. Dude I know you’re reading this. Hang out some day, haven’t seen you in ages.

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