Editing a lot of pictures is quite tiring


Sadly, I’m home alone today. During holidays, if you’re not going out and there’s no food at home. Your diet becomes somewhat of a pain in the ass. I sent out a tweet hoping that people would come over and get me some food on the way.

Obviously, everyone’s too busy with their god damned lives.

So I resorted to instant noodles, and I thought, there’s no way I’m going to do that again for dinner. However, walking… is too troublesome. I thought, well, I guess I should practice my skates today, and at the same time, get dinner on the way home.

Just skating can get a little boring. So I took my camera out and see what I can do. Again, I should really get a tripod. I now understand why those hobbyist always bring a frickin huge tripod around.


Anyway, I was standing on this overhead bridge when I took those pictures. Also, I edited all the pictures that I’m posting today. Why? So that I can manipulate you bitches of course. Take a look at this.


Now, take a look at the same scene but…


I know that I don’t even have to say anything to have a switch go off in you. It’s quite a mindfucking thing when you keep toggling between both images. But yeah, for the record, I’m not that good of a photographer than an editor. So, screw photography.

Okay, I know I’ve praised the Panoramic Mode on my Sony HX9V a few times. However, it’s starting to show it’s flaws. I think it’s probably the way I use it. Still, there was no manual so I take it that it sucked. This is one of the rare pano that came out right.


Oh right, the sky was overcast today. It made for a really really pretty sky. So I made sure to put in more of the sky than usual.


Fun fact: I was skating to the Punggol End (the park connector). I did not want to take the usual route. So I took an overhead bridge to Punggol and got lost there for about… 1.5hours before finding my way.


And yes, the magic filters are back on. (note: I’m using the Split Toning method)


So I go on and on, and I found this very VERY interesting sign. Lo-and-behold!


A sign in the middle of no where, what could it be?

Let’s zoom in.



Holyshit balls guys. That’s the sign for one of the construction sites. (note: that’s my surname) I was so very amused by it.

After another, some minutes, I managed to get to the right place.


Yeah I know right, you’ll never get to see a sky like this in real life. LOL.

I was so tired after a couple of hours of continuous skating that I decided to take a sit at a bench and just enjoy the breeze as I hang my head back, dazing off at the sky. There was this other guy that’s a distance away from me.


This is the definition of Chill

Come on, that’s a pretty cool thing to do. Cycling to a… nice place, find a bench, and just whip out his book. Lose the shoes while you’re at it, you go man!

Out of the blue, 2 boats decide to come by. I… can’t be bothered to edit it because I was just testing out the zoom.


What’s the big deal? Let me show you the zoom out view.

16x optical zoom is definitely useful. (though my hand is shaking like bo- butter)


Which inconsiderate bastard left this cup!?

I’m proud to say that I ALWAYS throw my litter away. Thumbs up for the right education!


Well. I got bored basically. Just like how I’m getting bored with this. Editing and writing at the same time is definitely not good for the creative mind.

There are actually many many more pictures but I’ll just leave you with this closing shot at Hougang.


Oh wait, before I really go. Remember the last time I said I went down a pretty steep slope and that I had to jump over a patch of grass and things like that? Okay you probably don’t. Here’s a picture of that place.


At the very end of the path, there is a patch of grass that’s probably… almost a meter for me to jump across. Followed by the width about… 2~3m where I have to land, brake and turn. Provided that I don’t bang into some people since it’s a complete blind spot. It.. was really nerve wrecking to go down this place.

“But I was like, why not?”


Last picture, I promise


2 Comments on “Editing a lot of pictures is quite tiring”

  1. bikiniapplebottom says:

    DSC00561 is like the eclipse logo!! Adore you photography/editing xD

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