I’m a geek that likes to blog. I’m an otaku that likes to geek.

Just another dude writing about his day. Sharing content that hopefully others will enjoy. Besides, this is a personal blog. If you’re here, you probably know me. If not, then read on. You’ll probably find out what kind of a person I am.

I live in a society where your results is more important than anything else. Where you have to work doubly hard to to ensure a safe place in this screwed up world. Where everyone is just living their own damn life. Where everyday feels the same. Where everything is a vicious cycle.

I will rise my middle finger in the midst of all this chaos and present it to the person who created this mess.


I reserve all rights to moderate comments and content as I see fit.

7 Comments on “About”

  1. postadaychallenge2011 says:

    Life is a vicious cycle. I love your blog thanks.

  2. postadaychallenge2011 says:

    Lelouch I am a geek with no friends because I am up all night on the internet reading blogs. Like Yours.

  3. rebekah says:

    I really like the blog title! 🙂

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