I want to change the name of this blog

Wait wait wait, before you object. Let me explain why.

First and foremost, the word xtechbiz, has no meaning. I don’t even remember why I came up with that word.

Most of the famous/successful/good blogs have a proper name. And when I say a proper name, it doesn’t need to be something sensible. It just needs to have a meaning. Like, people would put their favourite things, or their names, or some words that make sense.

It’s usual fine if the name does not make sense, but it needs to be easy to remember. It also needs to not sound stupid. (when you say it out loud in your head)

To be brutally honest, xtechbiz fulfils none of those.

Also, the thing of having that senseless name for such a long time is starting to rub me off the wrong way. I’m fine with it as an email address or whatsoever, just, not a blog’s name.

For the first time ever, I’m going to have a poll. Please, if you’re one of the few who visits this blog regularly, just vote, it won’t take a minute. I have a couple of ideas. Of course, you could submit your own suggestions and I’ll take a look.

Vote please!

If the results is conclusive I’ll try my best to wrap up everything in 2 days (:


Where do we go when we die?


Heaven or hell?

No. I’ll turn into a super robot ninja to kick your ass from grave!

Women are fickle.


They just deny it no matter what.

Microsoft gets the last laugh


[ via alltingsd ]


*Troll face* LOL

Nerds/Geeks explained


We’re just more logical than you.

The night is peaceful

[ by roswel51 ]

I put this under Insomnia but it’s more of a really late night post before I sleep I guess.

Well, this is probably the first time that I’m listening through my earpiece when I’m home. Cause I usually like the use the speakers. It’s slightly more comfortable for my ears.

But man, the experience is on another level. Since I’m not trying to drown out the noise around me. I can really take the enjoyment to the next level.

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Have a knife day!

Knives are elegant; spoons are friendly. Forks are nasty bastards, which is why they have to stay on the far side of the plate.

Kinda reminds me of L.

On the side note, I finally hit 10,000 hits with this blog. Go me!