I want to change the name of this blog

Wait wait wait, before you object. Let me explain why.

First and foremost, the word xtechbiz, has no meaning. I don’t even remember why I came up with that word.

Most of the famous/successful/good blogs have a proper name. And when I say a proper name, it doesn’t need to be something sensible. It just needs to have a meaning. Like, people would put their favourite things, or their names, or some words that make sense.

It’s usual fine if the name does not make sense, but it needs to be easy to remember. It also needs to not sound stupid. (when you say it out loud in your head)

To be brutally honest, xtechbiz fulfils none of those.

Also, the thing of having that senseless name for such a long time is starting to rub me off the wrong way. I’m fine with it as an email address or whatsoever, just, not a blog’s name.

For the first time ever, I’m going to have a poll. Please, if you’re one of the few who visits this blog regularly, just vote, it won’t take a minute. I have a couple of ideas. Of course, you could submit your own suggestions and I’ll take a look.

Vote please!

If the results is conclusive I’ll try my best to wrap up everything in 2 days (:

Waka Laka (warning: addictive)

I just fine this… really really addictive.
Can’t take my eyes off her.

“Waka Laka’s a place to be forever, Waka Laka love and fantasy”


Dantalian no Shoka review

Translated title: The Mystic Archives of Dantalian


9 upon 10

Simply because this is the type of anime that I enjoy the most.

The genre is a mix of mystery, fantasy, gothic and historical. In a way, this is similar to Gosick with a bit of Elfen Lied feeling to it. Well, if you listen to the opening song that I posted previously, you should be able to get a rather good idea of what this show is like.

It’s the kind of story that you would take the time to sit down and listen to. It’s that romantic idea of fantasy, to the point where you cast can away all feelings and just enjoy the show.

Well, I find it a little troublesome to write the synopsis so I’ll just take from myanimelist

Hugh Anthony Disward inherits an old mansion and a personal library from his grandfather. In the basement of the mansion, he meets a mysterious girl, Dalian. She is a Dantalian and a gateway to "Dantalian’s bookshelf", which stores the prohibited books of the demons.
"Gensho (Illusory Books)", the prohibited books, endanger the balance of the world, but people are fascinated by the taboo. Hugh and Dalian solve the cases involving Gensho with their ability to access the Dantalian bookshelf.

So this show is all about mystic books more or less.

Well, I really really love shows like these. A few that you should really really check out is Spice and Wolf, Kuroshitsuji, Noein, Rozen Maiden, Utawarerumono.

That’s it for now, I’ll go back to moe-ing about my other animes ^^

K-ON! Akiyama Mio

Mio Crop

A quick sketch before I head off to skates!

Time taken about 20~30mins. Uh… yeah I’m pretty lazy to do a proper drawing these days. Man, I want my tablet.


Natusu Crop

Natsu from Fairy Tail!

Um, about 15mins. In 4B only. Then added the color in photoshop. Not much of a reason, just thinks that it looks better than just black and white. So tadah!

I need to draw more often hmm.

Okami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi – Ryoko Okami

Ryoko Okami Crop 2


About 6 hours plus spanning over 2 days.

Yep, my first attempt to colour everything! Please leave comments to let me know how well (or bad) I’m doing.

Also, since a few of my friends liked the idea of the drawing process, I’m going to post the steps.

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Ruru : Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko ed1

Super hooked onto this song. Well, here’s the English translation.

Will I catch a cold?
Will I catch a cold?

It’s cold outside without my futon
It’s cold when you take my futon away

You came in the morning
There you are, laughing
You think I can’t see anything inside
Your hand reaching for me
Just what do you want to do?

Will I catch a cold?
Will I catch a cold?

Passing time pretending to sleep
Suddenly it gets a bit warmer
There you are sleeping next to me
Ignoring your mumbling in your sleep
I bend down and kiss your forehead

“Kasanaru odeko ni kisu shite”