R.I.P Steve Jobs

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The stupid iPhone 4S

I found it really stupid to copy and paste what I’ve written in lordofgeek, so here’s the video.

And here’s the link to my post.

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

Oh wow, I’m just speechless when I saw this guitar rendition of it. It’s pretty darn godly.

I usually don’t embed two videos in a post but I’m going to make an exception and put 3. Because it’s so awesome.

I think this guy is… cooler.



edit: okay apparently they don’t let me embed it but you should still watch it.

Continue on for the original video!

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I want to change the name of this blog

Wait wait wait, before you object. Let me explain why.

First and foremost, the word xtechbiz, has no meaning. I don’t even remember why I came up with that word.

Most of the famous/successful/good blogs have a proper name. And when I say a proper name, it doesn’t need to be something sensible. It just needs to have a meaning. Like, people would put their favourite things, or their names, or some words that make sense.

It’s usual fine if the name does not make sense, but it needs to be easy to remember. It also needs to not sound stupid. (when you say it out loud in your head)

To be brutally honest, xtechbiz fulfils none of those.

Also, the thing of having that senseless name for such a long time is starting to rub me off the wrong way. I’m fine with it as an email address or whatsoever, just, not a blog’s name.

For the first time ever, I’m going to have a poll. Please, if you’re one of the few who visits this blog regularly, just vote, it won’t take a minute. I have a couple of ideas. Of course, you could submit your own suggestions and I’ll take a look.

Vote please!

If the results is conclusive I’ll try my best to wrap up everything in 2 days (:

If you haven’t watched Numbnuts, you should


Not the most painful forfeit, but, one of the most ridiculous challenge.

I like how everything just goes back and forth. Anyway, enjoy (:


LMFAO – Sexy and I know it [NSFW]

It’s not that I really like the music. But the video is… what’s the word for it..


Just take a look and keep an open mind. Or just skip to 2:11 for the best part.


Why would you do that?!