Collecting eclipse is cool


Overkill is underrated

1 purple

3 yellow

5 light blue

17 green

38 blue

It all started a few years back in my secondary school, I had a friend called Micah. Now, Micah was a pretty interesting guy. He did lots of funny things but one of the most significant ones was that he always brought sweets to school. It could be mentos, chocolate, some gummy sweet, or more often than not, Eclipse.

In fact, out of all days I’ve seen him. There’s only probably a 5% chance that he didn’t have Eclipse with him. Also, he like to put it in his pocket, and if you ever carried a half eaten box of Eclipse in your pocket, you’ll be familiar with the


That accompanies your every step. So during my last year, I decided that I can’t let this tradition die off. The revitalising sweets that you get during class, the rhythmic metal noise, the faggots who’ll always steal your sweets, I can’t let that fade off!

“Also, I really like the mints.”

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Back to AHS again!

Yes soccer again, but the difference this time is.

Today is ridiculously tiring, and I’ve got a lot more pictures for you guys to enjoy.


It started fine and sunny. (sunny in the sense of TOO MUCH SUN)

Okay first off, who the fuck plays 5 goals per game, and best of 5 games. What the fuck. Minimum 15 goals in order to win the game. We played from 3+ till 7. I swear everyone died playing that crazy game. I gave up about half way cause well… I can’t do shit like that!

I still stayed in the game and just jog / pass the ball around.

But of course, what’s the point of saying these things, the important stuff is the pictures! And I have quite a few awesome ones. Let’s start with this!

2011-08-21 18.16.44

Then I decided to go to the enter and take one as well

2011-08-21 18.17.48

2011-08-21 18.18.16

We played and played, all the way till evening. (and we still didn’t finish the whole game)


2011-08-21 19.11.37

It was fun I guess. but way waaayyy too tiring for a normal person. The sun totally pwned us today. I’m pretty sure I became quite a bit darker =/

Anyway, I shall end this post with the image I’m most proud of (:

2011-08-21 18.17.31

p.s It’s all taken with my SGS

Back to AHS for soccer

Well. It was awesome.



Went back to my Secondary school to play soccer today. And holy shit that is one nice field that they’ve got there. SO DAMN FUCKING ANNOYED. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO DO THAT AFTER WE’VE GRADUATED?


Sadly there’s 2 annoying things. 1, the grass is SLIGHTLY too tall (thick), so sometimes we’ll dig into it when we kick.

The other thing is that it’s kinda small -.-, like primary school size kind of small. I mean, we only played 8v8 (and 7v7 later on cause 2 of them left early) so it’s not that bad. Still, I love the field man.

I want to go back to AHS and study again! Sigh =/

Anyway, I’m really REALLY exhausted right now cause we played like 3 hours+ straight. With probably 30~45mins of break in total? First half, 45minns, 2nd half, 45 mins, 3rd half 45mins, 4th, 45mins. I mean, you probably can’t count it as halves. Or you can, because we played 2 fucking full games. I was out for an extra.. 10~20mins cause I had to take a shit lol.

If you’re wondering, why isn’t there anymore pictures?! CAUSE I WAS PLAYING THE DAMN GAME DUH~

So well, it was fun seeing all the old mates back again. It’ll be A’s soon and then army and things like that. I guess these days won’t last much longer. Must treasure my poly days before it’s gone (:

While STM hasn’t kicked in…

Alright bowling once again.


I am WTF.

The score isn’t that impressive, it’s that I can finally SORT OF control the ball! Look at frame 2~7! Then I kinda got tired or something.

So uh. This is probably gonna be long. Hopefully this picture interest you.


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Dedicated to all my friends (AHS, RVPS)

Download link:

This makes me wanna cry.


Must listen.

Mid-autumn Fes.

Back to AHS for lantern festival. I guess… There wasn’t anything special? I mean, going back as Alumni for this kinda events doesn’t really makes much sense, though I really just want to go back and look around.

Hence that need is fulfilled today.

Did managed to meet quite a few people that I haven’t seen for quite some time, didn’t managed to see all the people that I wanted to see though. Oh well.

Did saw something amusing though.

Anyway, I learnt something today.

You need a tripod to take low light pictures without flash.

I will not post any pictures up as it’s just crappy. The ones with flash looks rather okay, but the expressions inside the pictures… Is kinda faggy. And the person would definitely kill me if I posted it up.

Well, it was a rather hectic evening. Running here and there. But I guess it was rather fun (:

You’re an idiot.