Who’s afraid of Mr. Greedy?

Well, I don’t really get the point of this, but it’s a pretty good animations.

I find myself fascinated by gore recently.

Rabbits travel in time

Alright, I’m not sure if I’ve posted this before. But I’m really kinda too tired to check.

So um, wednesday is my training day and well… It pretty much took all of my energy outta my body. So I feel like a jelly wobbling around right now. Maybe I’ll feel a little better to blog later. But BUT. I have a ton of work to finish and all the new animes to watch so… well… =/


That’s some awesome swordplay

Okay, that’s really some great┬áchoreography. Also, the animation is pretty good. Can’t imagine how long it took for him to get that all right.

Trompe L’oeil


The final cut of my thesis film.

A business inspector is sent to inspect an old theatre. When he arrives on location, there’s no theatre, only an empty lot with a charismatic mime who is looking to perform for him. The mime now has to perform various theatre positions, in order to convince the inspector that his “theatre” is up to code, and indeed real.

If you enjoy the film, please download a copy for yourself and a friend! It could use some exposure. ­čÖé

-by Tyson James Dale


This is… Damn creative. Love the animation man.

Cat and bird

that’s really quite creative huh.

Parallel Parking is a hassle

Not sure if I’ve posted this before. But it’s really cute ­čśÇ