Dantalian no Shoka review

Translated title: The Mystic Archives of Dantalian


9 upon 10

Simply because this is the type of anime that I enjoy the most.

The genre is a mix of mystery, fantasy, gothic and historical. In a way, this is similar to Gosick with a bit of Elfen Lied feeling to it. Well, if you listen to the opening song that I posted previously, you should be able to get a rather good idea of what this show is like.

It’s the kind of story that you would take the time to sit down and listen to. It’s that romantic idea of fantasy, to the point where you cast can away all feelings and just enjoy the show.

Well, I find it a little troublesome to write the synopsis so I’ll just take from myanimelist

Hugh Anthony Disward inherits an old mansion and a personal library from his grandfather. In the basement of the mansion, he meets a mysterious girl, Dalian. She is a Dantalian and a gateway to "Dantalian’s bookshelf", which stores the prohibited books of the demons.
"Gensho (Illusory Books)", the prohibited books, endanger the balance of the world, but people are fascinated by the taboo. Hugh and Dalian solve the cases involving Gensho with their ability to access the Dantalian bookshelf.

So this show is all about mystic books more or less.

Well, I really really love shows like these. A few that you should really really check out is Spice and Wolf, Kuroshitsuji, Noein, Rozen Maiden, Utawarerumono.

That’s it for now, I’ll go back to moe-ing about my other animes ^^

K-ON! Akiyama Mio

Mio Crop

A quick sketch before I head off to skates!

Time taken about 20~30mins. Uh… yeah I’m pretty lazy to do a proper drawing these days. Man, I want my tablet.

Couple of things

2011-05-28 17.50.29

(click on image for full resolution)

First, I tested out the panorama mode on my phone. And I must say that it performed SPLENDIDLY. I was shaking a little so there’s a spot that didn’t stick well. Either way, I’m really pleased with the results, and you BET I’m going to try and take more shots like these.

Yeah skated to punggol again. The view is just lovely (:

Roughly 10km in total. Maybe I should set a target. Plot out a route on Google Maps and follow it. 20km next time? 😀

Okay the other part is that

I finally flashed my phone to Gingerbread 2.3.3!

YEAHHHH! It feels even smoother than Froyo. Which, by it’s own right is already really really fast. But man, it makes me smile when something just works out perfectly. A little troublesome to show screenshots but well, some other day I guess! Ah. So tired.

Okay, just a random thing, I’m currently watching Hidan no Aria. I downloaded from a different source cause… the main one isn’t out yet. GG subs, they’re usually great. But I think they are fucking around for this series. They are like, giving literal translations.

Even without fireworks, night’s sea, if Kin-chan is soba it is good.

What the fuck?! LOL.
What it actually means is.

Even with fireworks or not, whether we’re at the sea at night or not, it’s fine as long as I’m by your (Kin-chan) side .

Shirayuki, how?
Correct:  Shirayuki, what’s wrong?

Something did happen?
Correct: Did something happen?

Recently I told Kin-chan’s fortune
Correct: I read Kin-chan’s fortune recently.

To stop being
Correct: Not here anymore

Do the kiss
Correct: Kiss me.

Any time let’s go back
Correct: It’s about time we go back

It goes on an on. Like really lol. I never knew that literal jap translation can be so hilarious. But it also made me realize, hey! I can listen pretty well ^^

30-sai no Hoken Taiiku

Translation: Health Education for 30 year olds.

Basically it’s about this 30year old virgin guy. One day the god of erotic descend to help him get rid of his virginity.

It’s just a very short anime. About 10mins each and it’s currently at episode 6.

Though there’s lot of dirty jokes inside but it’s . really really funny. The latest episode made me feel like I HAVE to blog about this. Here’s the scene.

[GPU Accel EVR] [SubDesu] 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku - 06 (1280x720) [7286E8CD].mkv _2011-05-15_15-50-44

[GPU Accel EVR] [SubDesu] 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku - 06 (1280x720) [7286E8CD].mkv _2011-05-15_15-51-05


And it’s filled with retarded graphics.

[GPU Accel EVR] [SubDesu] 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku - 06 (1280x720) [7286E8CD].mkv _2011-05-15_15-55-28

So yeah, if you’re really bored. Give it a go!


2011-05-09 14.37.25

Damn, I overslept today by an hour plus. And of course, I reached school an hour plus late. The lecturer seems to be more amused than annoyed. So well, I guess all’s good. Except that she nags for no frickin reason.

Well, hanged with L on sat for no reason at all.

2011-05-07 22.13.31

Yeah, at the top of my area’s multi-storey car park. Just sat around talking shit, drinking and eating snacks. (no alcohol, that noob)

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Nabari no ou: Yoite

Yoite Crop

Ah! This is a rather old anime. But I really loved it. Suddenly remembered and decided to draw him ^^

Well.. Since it wasn’t really a popular anime I doubt many will recognize him. But oh well! Today’s a rather relaxing day. I feel like going down to practice again but my body’s aching all over. Maybe I should study or something =/

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

Okay, what I am going to say next, is probably gonna sound really gay. But, heck, it’s an honest review. So screw you bastards if you think that way. (you should watch it before saying anything about me though)

So it’s a new anime that was just released. Second episode so far.
The title translates to, The world’s first love.

I haven’t really watch a lot of romance anime or read those romance-shoujo manga. So I guess this is a really unique show for me to watch.

The most interesting thing is that this is yaoi (BL – Boy’s Love). In other words, it’s an anime about romance between two guys lah.

Okay, I’m going to say it.


Seriously, I never expected something like this to tug at my heart strings, but it’s really. Really. Just awwww. I think that I kinda understand how the fan girls feel about such things, or girls who are into BL. It’s really. quite awesome. The personality of the characters are brought out so nicely. (it’s… probably the usual but it doesn’t make it any less awesome)

Even though it’s weird that two guys are like, making out and stuff. But for some reason I find myself cheering on for them. Yeah I know how weird that sounds, but it’s true. There’s nice mixture between romance and comedy. I would say that it’s a little like Kimi ni Todoke, but probably aimed towards girls.

The show has a general warm colour to it. Somewhat pinkish and orangey, which you can tell straight away, it’s kind of a feminine-ish colour.

Anyways, as long as you can open your mind up to these kind of stuffs, I do recommend that you give this a try. And see if you’re able to experience a new sensation. ^^