Someone needs to redesign the browser

Alright, maybe not so much of the browser itself, but how it manages sessions. I always have many tabs open. More often than not, they are completely unrelated stuffs and I like to jump from one thing to another. Sometimes I like to close one session (a group of tabs) and get back to it later. But I can’t.

Something needs to be done about that.

I don’t know if there are any solutions for it. But take a look at my desktop right now.


3 sessions opened

I’m just doing my daily stuffs and not heavy browsing. I have no choice but to use another browser (Opera) to view my Manga, so that I know that, every time I open Opera, all the Manga that I was reading will be there.

Sometimes when I’m reading an article. I found something I don’t know and decide to search on it. Then, I find something else interesting related and opened more tabs in that new window. It makes it hard for me to manage all of it without any form of session control.

“It is really annoying for me.”

Also, let’s say in the midst of all my browsing, something cropped up and I want to start an entirely new session without messing up the rest of my windows, it’s messy if I open a new tab in Chrome, it’s not organized if I open a new Chrome window. So I have to use another browser, for eg. IE9 or Firefox. So that I know that, if I accidentally close that window, I can restore my entire session.

Please, someone implement some sort of session control so that people can restore their sessions easily. And be able to create a shortcut?


I found that I could save all open tabs into a group in Google Chrome 14. Right click on the tab and and press bookmark all tabs. Or you can use Ctrl + Shift + D alternatively.

I guess that would work. But.. if you look at my bookmarks.


Yes, I am not kidding

and each folder it’s kind of like this


So it’s not really a viable option for me. Not to mention that I can have 20~30+ tabs open at the same time. Well. Maybe you really can’t use what I do as normal usage. Still, I really hope that someone would do something about this.

I hate slow typers


“I get very annoyed at slow typers.”

Every time I watch some of my friends search for some stuffs online, or write out a report of some sort. Or just seeing my mum use the computer.

It really really gets on my nerves.

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My body is good at picking timings

I’m sick. I think. And I can’t get to sleep. So recovery isn’t really going well. And just as fate would have it, I have a chalet tomorrow. So.. I’m planning to skip the first day if things don’t start looking better for me.

Sore throat, and probably… a cold or flu? I don’t know, I feel like someone’s just left the tap open in my nose. It’s fascinating how much liquid has flowed out since this afternoon. It’s not just any other ordinary mucus. It’s ordinary water. Like, water water. No smell no taste no texture. (I can’t help it, a lot flowed out)

So I’m wondering if I drank too much water or something. Either way, I seem to have lost about 50% or so of my sense of taste. A clear sign of flu. Either that, or that the strepsils I took is so strong it knocked my taste buds down.

I’m eating supper now.

If you felt that that line came out of the blue, it’s what I feel too. I just suddenly felt like eating something, and you can never go wrong with white bread with Nutella. Along with a hot cup of milk tea. All I can taste, is the chocolate and the tea. I can’t taste the bread or the sweetness of the tea. Which is weird.

You know the feeling where you ate panadol, feel really tired. But somehow unable to sleep? I’m feeling that right now. And… it’s annoying me. Greatly. Which explains this senseless post.

Msn, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. Please, let me sleep right now, recover fully and enjoy the next few days to the fullest. It’s pointless to go to a BBQ if you can’t eat the food.


Ok I’m back!

So yeah, first time for a really long time that I was home but didn’t blog for an entire day.

If you don’t even have the energy to sit up and use your com, you know you’re fucked.

Out of the 24 hours yesterday I probably spent 23.5 hours in bed.

But thanks to that I’m probably about 80~90% recovered. Definitely going to recover in time for my exams on Monday. As long as I don’t do or eat and crazy things between today and tomorrow I guess I’ll be fine.

Also, I hate how my body falls sick sometimes. It’s like some ultra-coordinated motherfuckery that just screws me upside down. Sore throat, fever and block nose. Doesn’t seem that bad at first. Until I tried sleeping.

Since I can’t breathe with my nose, I had to use my mouth, and doing that causes my throat to be dry and hurt, forcing me to drink water. And thanks to that I need to pee, so I wake up like every hour or so to go to the toilet. Plus, the fever is screwing with my head making me feel like shit. It isn’t that bad, it’s just, the combo that makes it really REALLY annoying. So thanks to that I was screwed thoroughly yesterday.

Nevertheless, thanks to all the time I’ve spent lying down and not sleeping, I had an interesting topic to write about. But also thanks to a 9min video that you should watch, it makes my explanation a lot simpler. On to that post!

I hate late people

Ah, I came across a fine article about how to deal with people who seems to have fucked up clocks, or don’t have a clock, or don’t know how to read the frickin clock.

I’ve had my fair share of experiences, so yeah.


1. Be on time and turn your cell phone off.
2. Set a 15min countdown and chill.
3. If your friend isn’t there after 15mins, turn your phone back on and leave

This procedure might seem harsh, but some people just don’t get it. You asked them to come on time and you’ve tried the Phase 1. There isn’t any other way.

Nobody likes people who are always late and if they think that they’re of such importance, they’re wrong. The important part of any friendship is mutual respect. By constantly showing up late the other party shows a great lack of it. Therefore, you have no obligation to honor it as well.

I love this guy.

If you can’t be bothered to read. Basically he’s like, go there and afk until you’re annoyed, then go back online while you leave. And tell the person that you can’t be bothered if he is going to just give you some shit ass excuse.

You hear that? I wasn’t being mean. I’m was just fucking annoyed by you. And by you I’m not specifically referring to anyone, EXCEPT YOU FAGGOTS WHO ARE ALWAYS LATE, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE _|_

Oh well.




The fan is blowing at my face and yet I still feel the heat. Sigh. I want to migrate to some cooler country.

(yes, the same image that I posted last october)

Life as it is.

So uh, I really don’t have anything much to say. All the things that I wanted to rant about just, doesn’t feel like it’s needed to be ranted anymore.

So well, I’m pretty excited for the first training in skates tomorrow!

Wonder how it’ll turn out. Okay I seriously have nothing to say. That’s a first. OK I KNOW. I shall talk shit about some guy teaching me.

There’s this cher that’s from hongkong if I’m not wrong. He can’t speak english for nuts. I spent 30mins listening attentively before I decided that

Fuck it.

I don’t know what the hell he’s saying. He can’t pronounce T, in the sense that,

Client = Clien
Sort = Sor
That = Tha

And he can’t pronounce R for nuts.

Read = Weed
Write = White
Wrong = Wong

You get the idea. And some of the words are seriously just… how the heck can you pronounce it like that?

Point = Porn
Powerpoint = Power porn

Yeah, the majority of the lecturer theatre giggled that.  I mean, if someone said, “please look at the power porn” with a serious face, there’s no way it isn’t funny. But honestly, I swear I can’t understand a shit, so I gave up. And said something very important to my friend my friends that saved my life.

“Dude, fuck this, wanna grab some breakfast?”

So yeah, we skipped the rest of the class. And the next class was spend repeating something that we have already learned. (because it’s the same lecturer I have no idea why she’s repeating the exact same thing)

So as you can see, studying isn’t really going very well for me right now. HOWEVER, the good thing is that I’m somehow able to keep up in math class! Which, is pretty darn surprising. Maybe because we’re only focused on a single topic right now. (and two lessons per week really isn’t something that I can complain about)

So anyway, I know that this is an awkward way to end this random rant. But there’s this quote that has been on my mind for, the past few hours I think?

Don’t impose limits on yourself.