OS X Lion First impressions



He’s got some valid points. I’m really anal about how they changed the scrolling options as well. Oh well! At least I’m not using a mac ^^



LOL. I love ads that openly troll another company. Especially with an accent like this.


Cause we’ll never get sick of trolls

Well not exactly a troll but still, it’s pretty darn funny when you see a comment like

It’s fake.

I mean duh -.-
Still, kudos for his creativity in dissing Apple (Y)

Android rulez


Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to use this image. But yeah, this is what I think about the smartphone industry ^^

I mean come on, almost everything is powered by android. (because it’s essentially free).

So anyway, let me just give you a short short history (based on what I know) of android.

Android, is actually a Linux OS. It originated from a dude called Linus who did it as a side project, he totally didn’t expect it to bloom to such a state. I guess many people agree with the ideal that software should be free.

So in case you didn’t know, Google DID NOT invent android. In fact, they bought over a starting company like 4 to 5 years back as some sort of investment. It originally started off as a project or test to venture into mobile space.

So if you own an android phone, go to your settings, about phone, and look at the kernel version. I’m running If you ever messed with Linux OS before, you’ll realize that oh hey, that’s one of the linux kernel versions. So yeah.

So well, it started with the G1. And over time, more manufacturers joined in and made more phones. The most significant one was the Nexus One. As it was the flagship device created by Google in conjunction with HTC. It was a state of the art, high resolution display, 1GHz processor, and always the latest Android updates from Google.

And hence, it sparked off the whole trend.

Everyone is using android because,

1. It’s free.
2. It’s easy to develop on.
3. It’s highly flexible (it’s linux after all)

So uh, android is like a customized version of Linux created and maintained by Google.

And honestly it’s everywhere. It’s in many many phones. It’s starting to appear in computers. It’s a dominant player in the tablet marketplace. It’s appearing in TVs. It’s literally everywhere.

Well, just wanted to say that I’m proud to finally be part of the Android family ^^


Okay side note. If you’re wondering how Google is earning from all these since they made Android free and they’re not really the ones making the phone. They earn from service. They don’t need to earn from hardware. Google is a search company. By creating an ecosystem that uses their services, Google Search, Google Maps, Google Docs, etc, they’re already generating a revenue stream. (of course there’s much debates about this but hey, money is money.)

Apple: The next iDea


Ohhhh, such a good troll.

Okay, so apparently, I can’t embed this. Sigh.

Microsoft gets the last laugh


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*Troll face* LOL

Screen test: iPad1 sv iPad2

This is frickin crazy.

I just, find it really hard to think that it is actually glass.