Watch the sunri- light

Who knew that you can’t watch the sunrise on the east?

Yeah me neither. I did not know that Pasir Ris (park), though in the east location, is facing the north. So I missed it. Still, I managed to snap some shots of… sunlight I guess.

It was a birthday chalet for my classmate. Blah blah it was stupid, nothing to talk about that.
(but I’ll at least honour him with this picture)


Yes, that’ll be his birthday cake. (note: not bought by us)

Another note worthy.. note, is that we bought a bunch of durian related stuffs for him. Clearly because we knew that he was going to drink and get drunk. So we thought, why not take this opportunity and just K.O him with it?

Okay this is getting a little long, click on to see the sunlight~

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Happy Birthday Turtle~

2011-09-05 18.26.45

Yep, we “surprised” him at Marina Barrage. Though well, it wasn’t much of a surprise but oh well, it worked out itself somehow!

Before I start on anything, I want to say that I don’t understand why people like to go there so much. There’s like nothing to do over there. Other than flying the stupid but awesome kite, looking at people, and the mesmerizing scenery over there. There’s like a significant amount of people over there on a frickin Monday. (Has September holidays started? I don’t know cause you know, everyday is a holiday to me)

So well, let me just start with the most awesome picture I took that day so that you would bother pressing the frigging read more link

2011-09-05 18.03.04

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Everyone’s ageing


Okay, it’s tomorrow, but then might not have a chance to post tomorrow and all so well. I hope to eat all the pastries horrrr ^^

Okay, so I promised that I’ll blog in chinese. So…. Here goes nothing.


Okay you know what, fuck this. I can’t remember like half of the chinese words, not to mention that it’s really a pain in the ass to type in chinese on the computer. I really have no idea how the others do it.


Well. COOK ME FOOD BITCH! Wooooops.

but honestly you’re not obese -.-

Birthday presents


Damn I don’t know what I’m going to get for my friend’s birthday.

Out to study!


Went out to study with sis, happened to bump into S and ended up chilling loool.

Got something nice today though ^^ Thanks alot sis 😀 :D: D


So uh, I guess I did managed to study a little but not a lot. (still, it’s better than nothing) Really damn tired right now. And I don’t really know what to write either. Except that I’m quite happy ^^

Guess life isn’t that bad after all~

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Bday complete with food.

So um. Here are the rest of the pictures. Of course, without the person in it LOL


This is just (Y)


S’s portion..

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It’s a long day but happy birthday

The day started early and almost didn’t end. Hence the lack of post. But it was to celebrate my friend’s birthday so it’s all in good cause. Ate at mad jacks and all. But the main point to me is this.


Her cup of coffee at TCC! Well, we all had ours. But you see, I’m kinda on the way to school, on the train, blogging about this. And I’m running out of time as it’s almost my station really soon. Oh wait I remember, hers was something mixed with Whiskey. Kinda strong I guess?

So I’ll blog about the rest ASAP!

Mine’s really really awesome though. Like it’s just overwhelming with awesome. So I guess well, for the moment.


(oh i forgot about posting the cake, in the next post bah hahaha)