What to do when you have nothing to do


A Yakult a day, keeps your bowel out of the way.

Wasn’t planning to do anything today. So it’s inevitable that I got bored. So I started taking random pictures. Sadly I only took 2 stuffs, and picked the best. Which of course, is Yakult, and my awesome phone.


Say what? ( =’o'= )

That’s so cute right.

So I realized, 2 pictures is kinda dumb. So here’s 1 more.


It is NOT a waste of money

Alright, I think my eclipse deserves to have it’s own post.

We are all rich people.

So, I was on my way home today, and it just so happens that the timing coincides with the my primary school dismissal time.

Well, first, I saw a young kid (can’t remember male or female), skipping along as he walks, in a seemingly good mood that school has ended. Though he seems to be carrying a rather heavy bag, it doesn’t really seem to bother him that much. Then, as I was reaching, I saw two girls (primary school as well), playing in the playground. I don’t know if they were waiting for their friends or deciding what game to play, but both of them clearly don’t look unhappy in the slightest bit. They seem to be planning to have a lot of fun even under this ridiculously hot weather.

Hence, I thought to myself.

What the fuck happened to me?!

I don’t feel happy going home. I don’t really have anything that I’m really looking forward to. I feel like all my work is just a burden. Sure, there are things that will make me happy/take my mind off things but there really isn’t any magical stress relieving activity that I have.

I thought pretty hard about it, and came up with the one word answer.


We are bored people man. We feel bored in school, we feel bored sleeping early, we feel bored playing games, we feel bored eating. I mean, it’s just that “sian” feeling I get all the time.

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It starts from zero.

Ah, I think I’m going to miss the 12am mark. But here’s the post anyway.

So… I didn’t sold a single laptop today. 

Uh… Yeah it sucks. I don’t really want to give excuses but then again, there was like almost no one there. And no one stopped to look at the laptops I’m selling… So.. Well, it sucks. To console myself I’m not the only one to not have sold anything. But garh. It sucks, it’s like the first time I’ve never sold anything at all.

On the brighter side, I did get to know a pretty interesting a girl. Wasted almost the entire day doing shit with her lol.

Also, all the training has paid off. My legs don’t really feel that tired. (maybe cause I’ve been slacking the whole day). But either way, I hope that tomorrow will be better! 

Oh before I forget, I’m located at level 4, gain city booth. Somewhere in the middle. Drop by if you’re there! 😀

p.s. no pictures cause… well, i’m working ya know. 


I’m so bored.

Waiting for my friends to end class. Supposed to skate and all. Supposed to stay overnight in school. But… I think I’m just too damn lazy. Currently just slacking at a corner using my laptop.

Here’s my view.

2011-05-16 16.53.38

2011-05-16 16.53.04


Gah. I’m so sleepy. I feel like just going home to sleep. But I feel bad for doing that….

Ah screw it. I have no mood to blog right now.

Boredom creeps up to me

What is boredom?

To me, it’s when your class ends 1 hour early, and you have to stay in school for 7 hours, waiting for CCA to start. And I don’t even know if I can buy my skates today. The wait is pretty much killing.

Wasted 2 hours plus bowling. I think I finally remembered how to bowl properly. The 3 games’ scores are as follows.

130+, 164, 172.

So.. Well, been sitting down for over an hour. Watching shows and doing stuffs. Feeling really really bored. Kind of reminds me of this awesome song.

I feel so glad that I brought my laptop today. I can’t imagine spending the next 2 hours or so doing nothing. Okay, maybe I should do some amazing post since I really don’t have anything to do.

Electives are a waste of time.

How do I know that?

Because I’m currently writing this post during my electives class. It doesn’t count towards my total score, it just sits there looking nice on my report card. But as long as you pass it doesn’t really matter.

And… The lecturer isn’t boring. There isn’t any great scenery. My friends are not in the class. so…..

It’s a total waste of time. The lecturer don’t even care about what we do, he’s just talking. I’m just blatantly using my laptop while the others are just staring at their phones. I wonder how he gets that kind of motivation to continue talking lol.

The stupid thing is that I need to join a group, but you’re doing individual work and judged individually. What the fuck dude. Yeah I know, I’m complaining a lot. That’s because I really have nothing to do at all in class. AT ALL. Sigh. Okay I need to pee.


Youtube has gone live

Okay, just a little something in case you don’t know yet.

Youtube is now providing a live streaming service. Though.. I’m not really sure about details of it, you can check out the videos that are streaming live right now at


I guess it’s a pretty interesting idea. Also, kinda demonstrates their power to do crazy shits like this. Live streaming to millions of people requires an insane amount of bandwidth. Really interesting. Man, I wish that I can join google soon.

Also, I’m bored.