Sing out loud

So. i played pool and bowling again today. Seriously I need to like, start spending so much money. School’s starting soon and I still haven’t got my phone yet.

So.. I guess I’m improving slightly. I suddenly feel that pool is fun. And so far it seems to be cheaper that bowling. Hmmm. Though I’m most probably joining skates next semester so that’s probably gonna cost me a bomb already *inserts sad face*

Anyway, I’m totally hooked onto this song, I swear I’m going to learn how to sing it properly.

If you’re interested it’s originally by Aquamarine. Titled Cosmos. But then it seems to have become some kind of japanese culture to use it during their graduation. I don’t really like the lyrics cause it doesn’t exactly make a lot of sense but the music is just. Music to your ears. (no pun intended).

I haven’t missed my secondary school as much as now. After watching all those graduation videos.. It seriously brings back a lot of memories.

I guess what they say is true. We only realize the importance of things after it’s gone. But then again, we didn’t expect it to go so soon. Sigh.

Anyway I realized I’m damn tired. Time to sleep!

Day 1 of holiday

Exams are finally over! Went bowling yesterday. Came home tired and all. Did a few stupid things and just didn’t have the mood to do any proper posts. But here I am again. In the holidays. Feeling all great.

Still trying to get work, probably going to work in the upcoming IT fair. Not sure about what happens after that. I’m all psyched up and prepared to change my phone. Not that it’s bad, I’m just rather sick of it. So yes. I’m all ready to draw and do shit today. Though I should start by getting a little more sleep.

Post a pic.

Alright, I’m going to set a challenge for myself. That is to post a picture a day. Something that I take that would roughly represent the day.


That’s what I got yesterday. Totally burned a hole through my pocket man. (but then again my dad’s kind of the one paying for it, so all’s well!)

So well, went out to study again. And bowled as well! ^^ It was… Really entertaining to see fails happen in real life HAHAHHA. But okay lah. I did study.. quite a bit. I hope? But really sleepy man. Think I’m just going to spend my day cooped up at home doing stupid things.

So.. I have no idea what picture I’m going to take tomorrow.

Oh wait. I must say, having a second battery is REALLYYYYY useful.

Geek tip: If you have the cash, just get a second battery. (if you find yourself scrambling for the AC outlet often that is)

I stayed out for… About… 6hours today. And it lasted me that long with much to spare. Very, VERY useful. Should’ve done this earlier. Now I can go on trips without worrying about the stupid battery.

So… here I am again.


So I finally played bowling again after a few weeks. I guess it’s not that bad?

Just that I’m kinda losing my energy these days. The constant rain makes me wanna take very very long nap. Also, school is kinda pissing me off.

I have a total of 4 projects right now, 5 if I include the elective module.

2 which was dumped on us just 3weeks before the final year exam. Kinda annoyed I guess. And the due dates are like so frickin close. SIGH. Oh wells, time to post all the random shits up.

Greatest Bowling Strike ever

He’s like “I planned that”

But yeah there’s no way anyone can top that.


Alright bitches I’m finally back from msia. But. NAH. I’m not going to post about it just yet. Because… Well, I don’t have the pictures yet. Wait for my cousin to send me the stuffs then I’ll do a proper post.

I mean come on, how good can a bitching post get when there’s no pictures?

So for the moment I’m just going to write about the last friday. Since.. well , I didn’t have the time or energy to do so then.

Basically, EXAMS ARE OVER.

So what does it spell for me?


Yeah  you got that right, 11 games of non-stop bowling!

If you’re wondering if my hand hurt after that, no. It didn’t. I’m strong. Nah just joking, my hand didn’t hurt but my fingers did. I probably should get my own personal (customized) ball so that I can kick ass. Either way I’m already kicking ass (though not by much). So here are the scores!

(the names are blurred out on purpose)

MY HIGH SCORE BROKEN. (previously 160)


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While STM hasn’t kicked in…

Alright bowling once again.


I am WTF.

The score isn’t that impressive, it’s that I can finally SORT OF control the ball! Look at frame 2~7! Then I kinda got tired or something.

So uh. This is probably gonna be long. Hopefully this picture interest you.


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