Nothing better to do

Dragon Nest on a 15" Laptop

Shall not talk about what I did today, except that I had 1 plain 1 egg prata, 2 slices of large cheese sausage pizza, 1 slice of large Hawaiian pizza. (Canadian Pizza)

Evening at SP basketball court

Um, here’s a picture I took the other day while practicing at SP.

Beautiful streak of orange across the sky. Could’ve taken a better shot but I was sitting down and feeling lazy.

I read on a blog recently,

“The best camera is the one that is with you.”

Couldn’t agree more with that. There are just so many moments in life that I find really beautiful. Often missed because I took my phone out too late, or I didn’t bring my camera along. Well, I would write more but my mind’s pretty blank right now.

Time for a wonderfully sensual sleep (:

Sony DSC-HX9V first impressions

So I finally got my hands on the compact camera of my dreams!

I’m at the chalet so I’m borrowing my friend’s laptop to post this (: So um, here are the important features for the camera.

  • 16.2 Megapixels
  • 16X optical zoom
  • Sweep panoramic
  • Full HD movie (1920×1080)
  • 28mbits video
  • Focal Length 24 – 384
  • Sensor size 1/2.33 inch
  • 9-points autofocus
  • Shutter speed 1/1600 ~ 30s
  • ISO 100 ~ 3200
  • Flash
  • Weight 245g
Here’s a sample shot of the panoramic shot.

Yeah almost all of the brought their laptops over. So I didn’t, it’s like a frickin lan party man. I set the color to realistic so that it won’t look over saturated. Of course, it would also mean that the pictures will look less dull. But that’s not important. Cause I want to have full control over the image. The less it’s processed by the camera, the more control I have over the picture!

As you can see, it’s a really really versatile camera. There is a background defocus mode that well, creates the bokeh effect that everyone loves on their DSLRs, here’s a sample shot of my friend
So well, it certainly works pretty well. But you need to be close to the subject. Oh well, so far so good. I’ll have to play around with it a little more before saying more about it.
For the moment, I’m really really satisfied with it 😀

Steadicam shot.

This is pure WTF. Lol.

Singapore Zoo!

SO… I went to the Zoo. Don’t ask me why, it was kind of a spur of the moment thing, joined by 7 other retarded people.

I don’t know what I can say about the zoo. In fact, recently I watched on Mentalist where two guys were talking

A: Have you ever been to a Zoo?
B: No, why will I pay to watch animals?

BUT HEY. I like animals, so.. Well, whatever,
Total pictures taken : 444
Storage: 1.78GB

So here are the pictures! Rest are on FB!



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Camera – tips


Well, as you can tell, I do like taking pictures, and I do like to edit them to my personal liking, since recently I’ve been seeing / hearing quite a few of my friends getting pro-grade cameras, I think that I’ll just do a little guide? Or more like a tips for beginners post.

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Phone camera

Alright, I’ve been editing, enhancing the images that I have taken with my phone over the years. And I’m currently doing my previous phone C902.

I’ve completed roughly 500pictures.. And well. I’m not doing anything special, that’s why it’s so fast. I’m just erm, Sort of increasing the dynamic range of colours in the picture by reducing the overall range. (yeah, kinda counter intuitive)

Anyway, after looking through some of them, I realized that I’ve edited some pictures wrongly. Should i redo those or just heck? Anyway, here’s the comparison between right and wrong.

(left edited, right original)



Click on image to see the full resolution.

Anyway, here’s a picture that I really loved. It looks really awesome.

DSC01979 (2)


By the way, I realized that my current phone’s camera is really awesome. The sensor is certainly something to applaud for. Most colours get reproduced rather accurately 😀

So well, I guess I’ll end this off with another video.

That is some crazily fast autofocus.