2011-05-09 14.37.25

Damn, I overslept today by an hour plus. And of course, I reached school an hour plus late. The lecturer seems to be more amused than annoyed. So well, I guess all’s good. Except that she nags for no frickin reason.

Well, hanged with L on sat for no reason at all.

2011-05-07 22.13.31

Yeah, at the top of my area’s multi-storey car park. Just sat around talking shit, drinking and eating snacks. (no alcohol, that noob)

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School is… Pretty fun?

2011-04-25 15.03.46

Ah, I totally forgot about my daily pictures. Damn. Let’s hope that I can keep that in mind from now on.

So well, monday is probably my favourite day. In the sense that we’re doing all the networking lab practices. However, we’re like seeing the same lecturer from 10 ~ 4. (supposedly 6, but we negotiated.)

So well, I already know most of the stuffs that she’s teaching so it might be a little boring. But it’s never a bad thing to have a refresher course. I’ve spent a lot of time learning WHAT, I’m just waiting for them to teach me HOW.

And that’ll be the most fun part of my studies that I’m looking forward to. Seems like I didn’t join the wrong course after all!

Anyway, is there anyone who’s very good at flashing ROM for android. I’m planning too do it but I have quite a few questions. My device seems pretty locked in a sense. Definitely would appreciate some help here.

So, I had fun.


Ah. After a few hours of rest I’m feeling so much better. Though my body clock is totally screwed. And I’m still aching from everywhere. Thanks to all the cycling, bad sleeping posture and ultimately, the game of twister.

So, I’ve taken about 500 pictures in the past 3 days. Along with some videos. Which add up to a whopping 10.8GB in total!

So here’s an attempt to recall all the action that happened.

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Give and take.

So here’s our lunch today.


So the winner from the gambling has graciously decided to treat us all for lunch. I mean come on. That’s what we call 会做人. (a good thing)

So um. 6 Mac Spicy upsize. 1 Mac Wings upsize. 1 Mac Chicken upsize. 2 Double Quarter Pounder upsize. Totalling around 50 i think.

Click on for the pictures!

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I need a lady luck

So basically I went over to my friend house, didn’t want to play at first, but ended up joining. And losing. In fact ,all of us lost except for one guy.

That lucky bastard.

So anyway, changed my plans and all. Decided to stay on cause they’re cooking! Scrambled eggs, prawns, mushroom, crabstick with pasta. I guess it’s quite an interesting mix of food.

Uhhh. It’s not bad lah I guess. Though maybe the sauce is a little too sour for my taste. 08022011932

But all in all it was a fun night 😀

Though I skipped class today… But I’m still in school. Thanks to the stupid fucking project. Oh well. Time to focus on it =/



Well… That’s a very inspiring shape.

My classmate has such skill in manipulating sine waves 😀

Stupid lego class


So yes. that’s what I’m playing with right now and I’m really kinda bored. It’s like robotics. Like what the hell. I’m a computer engineer. I don’t give a shit about such things.

It’s pretty fun though ^^

Yawns. Monday classes are such a waste of time. I wanna sleep. Exams are coming soon though. So can’t afford to fuck around that much ):

Oh it’s quite advanced in a certain sense.

  • Light sensor
  • NXT Buttons
  • Rotation Sensor
  • Sound sensor
  • Timer
  • Touch Sensor
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Touch sensor

Not bad for a toy eh?

p.s. I’m blogging in the class.