THINK exhibit: technology is awesome

Now that is some ridiculously cool technology.

I wouldn’t mind staying in the room for the entire day if that’s the way I’m going to learn new stuffs.


Slinky effect

This is cool.

Ok the main point of this is to at least post something. I totally forgot about my blog today. I was in a hypnotic-ally relaxed state. It was a total waste of time but at least I’m totally stress free at the end of it (:


The left one is fake

This is pretty darn cool.

Anyway, started on Dragon Nest. Sign of boredom.


Watermelon flower

This guy is pretty awesome. I mean, probably not the first you’ve seen but I like this anyway.

Feeling really lethargic.


Salty Optimus Prime

I am so jealous of this guy’s talent.

Like dude. That is just.. really unfair. Well, I don’t really have the mood to take the time to draw these days. I should probably find a day and do it.

Experience Zero Gravity

Done by the same group of people who did Experience Human Flight

As usual, it’s spectacular and captivating. Could not take my eyes off the screen when I watch it. It’s a definite must watch. Makes me feel like filming things as well. If things goes as planned, I should be getting my camera tomorrow (:


I think the Chinese idiom just got owned inside out.

Seems like cows DO know how to enjoy good music.